Need New Doctor In Southern CA

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by reddragonlady, Feb 10, 2003.

  1. reddragonlady

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    I need to find a good Rhemy In Riverside CO or North San Diego I need help Thanks
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    Please see my post. This is a one of a kind Dr. I think you will be happy with him. He is so understanding and knows and belives in our dd. He is not a rummey dr. I have gout in my hands and toes. He diganosed it last month and tested me for it. Sure enough my uric acid level was so far off the charts. He says I will no doubt have it the the rest of my life and will need meds for it all the time.

    Dr. Marion Smith
    3975 Jackson St.
    You can get an appt. with him with in a day or two.Plus you almost never have to wait more than 20 mins tops in waiting room. HE does not belive in keeping you waiting especialy when your in PAIN. It may take you a little longer the 1st. time BUT he is worth all the wait that there is. Good Luck
    Also where do you live. I'm in Hemet. Maybe we can get together some time and SHOP talk.

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