need new rhumey

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    I need a new rhuemy.....

    Mine is just continuing to try and up my cymbalta. He does not believe in pain management. He thinks cymbalta should control it all. Then he has me trying all these crazy drugs to help with fatigue. They made my heart race and short of breath, and between the two of them it was over $200. When I go to see him, he makes up in his mind what are the most important things to treat no matter what I want to do or think. I have not looked for a new doc in so long I do not know what to look for or ask when going, any thoughts would be great....?

    Thanks Jit

    Oh and symptons are getting worse. I now pretty much have a burning feeling in my legs and feet all the time, and like right now it feels like someone is trying to rip my ankles off of my body.
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    sorry to hear that, its lame
    if you have m.e. Dr Cheney feels that using ssri's or snri's can be harmful in the long run. I cannot tolerate them, for awhile in the 90s i could do a small dose of serzone but became intolerant to it. Listen to your body not the doctor, they are part of an ignorant machine that is not health care in my opinion, they are good for crisis management like broken bones but unless the doc is open minded and respects your body's own wisdom they can make you feel a lot worse physically and mentally. You could taper off it while looking for another doctor, i had headaches when I played around with small dose of cymbalta so there could be withdrawal. for pain you could try over the counter stuff til you find a smarter nicer doctor, a small amount of tyneol pm with dxm or dxm alone in cough syrup with some asprin or tylenol or ibuprofen, naturally you can get msm lotion and arnica ointment for external use, use ice packs or heat, rest , hydrotherapy, whatever you need to do to pamper yourself. dont wait for the doctor to save you or hell will freeze over first, I learned the hard way.
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    I love all the ideas. I had an idea.... try to find a RM and pain mangement that work for the same hospital so they could actually talk to eah other, and try to work together on a plan.

    (susan I live in southern NJ)

    I get it and I dont get it...... why do symptoms change and get worse even though "your" on meds to help. This leg thing is really starting to be weird. They hurt. They vibrate that sometimes I can just feel but you can't see, but other times you can see. the pins and needles and numbness is getting worse even though emg test came back fine. Pain along my shin bones: It feels like muscle pain, but I dont know.
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    This article is a bit technical but it helps put in perspective why some of us don't do well in "evidenced based medicine"--there are so many individual variations in response to medictions and treatments that its not always useful to try to enforce standard care on tricky healthy issues, not at all. And CFS/ME/FM, those issues seem to have a knack for being confusing, symptoms changing etc and if one has an autoimmune component I think that our bodies react to the treatment sometimes, just like I react to the sun, it seems like I am almost "allergic" to small doses of new meds sometimes

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    I have lower back pain for years: I think even before the FM, but not sure at time line anymore (the fog). Sometimes I think the lower back pain is from IBS, and other times is feels like something gets out of whack with my spine. And finally sometimes it is just my muscles.

    I keep insisting there is something the doc's should be able to see on an xray or mri, but they never do and it upsets me. I hope one day they will figure it out. The cymbalta helps with alot of upper body pain, but not lower. The muscle relaxers help sometimes with thigh pain but not calf pain. I am starting yoga this week... here's hopeing!