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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lin21, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. lin21

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    Hi all,

    I applied for SSI last January , was denied in the Spring. On everyone's advice I hired a lawyer and he put in a reconsideration in June. Called my lawyer the other day and they called SSI and SSI said they didn't receive it in the main office until July.
    My question is , I haven't been called to go to any of their doctor's as a matter of fact I haven't even received anything from them. My lawyer says they should be contacting me this month about an appt.
    If any one can give me any insight I would appreciate it. My time is running out and I'm getting stressed again.

  2. suexi

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    That seems odd that you didn't get an appt. yet with their docs. I, too applied in January for SSI and had 2 appts in March (with their docs; physical and mental. Then of course, denied. That was in May. We appealed on July 17th and just got the second denial about a week ago. I know what you mean about the stress. I don't even want to deal with it but I have to. Life is hard enough with this DD. They make it soo much harder. Hopefully, your attorney is right and they call you by this month or I would start to get pretty pissed at someone.
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  3. tandy

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    it sure sounds like you should have heard from SSI by now! Thats a long time! I went thru this whole processs myself a few yrs ago.It did take forever but this is ridiculus!! Give it till the end of the month at least.Then i'd start making some phone calls!! Try to hang in there,I know its a long drawn out thing.But most of the times(with a lawyer)you'll get approved!!as long as you have lots of records of Dr. appointments,tests,PT,etc.
    Good luck!!
  4. janet38

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    i also applied in december.i got two apps.i went to the psych,then i has an app for a family and before i went they canceled it,said they had what they need.well i got denied ssi and they are now in reconsider.what they tell me it has to go through three people and the third one has you know what these 3 people r?this mess is so confusing for me too......pleease write me back,..........hugs
  5. lin21

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    They sent me a letter on Friday telling me I have an appt tomorrow. I am so nervous. My lawyer wrote me a letter too and asked me to put his name on it so he will get a copy of the review. This has been taking since last January.
    I don't know about 3 people. What kind of appt. did they set up for your family? Do you have children? I have a nine year old.
  6. janet38

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    what they did was made an appointment for mental and physical.i did go to mental .but before i was to go to the family med doc .it was canceled .yeah,dont know really why?but they said they had the info they needed...hugs..janet oh i got 4 kids 3,5,9,12,and it was only for me to go to the family..which was canceled.hugs.janet