need opinions...for next fm awareness day(sandy):)

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  1. mamafurr

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    i am feeling like garbage/having a flare so will do my best while it is on my mind. i am starting a support group here end of sept.
    ia am attending a support group 30 mis away aug 21. alot of the people in the established group have contacts with the media.

    it is necessary we start tossing around ideas for the next fm awareness day in may '04.

    we need to do something different than a "walk" "run" etc.
    we need to get attention as we all have been discussing on here with sandy (highriskrn).

    how about i can do THAT today.
    give me some thoughts as to what each can do in their town on that day. we will go into more detail w/contacting prospective news etc.

    upon starting this new support group, i am going to contact various docs in the area and leave flyers for the meeting.
    strength in #'s.

    let me know

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  2. mamafurr

    mamafurr New Member

    note to self: if i don't get a response...don't give it up completely..don't take it personally just figure everyone is too wrapped up in their own whatever.

  3. healing

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    take it personally. some people have energy for this, others don't. in fact, i'm not sure how much i have!

    to have a fully successful day, we need to find and approach some celebrity with FM and see if we can have an event that will draw some news attention.

    after all, the point is to get "outside" attention, right?

    we need a foundation to raise some $$ for us!!! then we could do some proper public education, distribute informational brochures, etc.

  4. mamafurr

    mamafurr New Member

    i was really being sarcastic. really. just wanted to bump and was being a jerk. i'm having one for those jerk days...flare...grrrr...i'm sorry all. i'll try again next week, i'm not up to this either

  5. pegasis

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    i am constantly amazed by how on top of things that you are. and i think i speak for a lot of people when i say thank you so much for doing what so many of us can not. you organize, imagine, andd dare to use your voice. please email me and let me know how i could help you with this. it is i am not really sure what to do but, am very willing. also, how does one find out if any known/famouse people have fibro? i have never heard of any. love and hugs and hang in there!! melody(pegasis)
  6. mamafurr

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    are you talkin to me?..hee hee. i'm on top of things??????that is so nice of you to say. but barely skimming the surface. just starting w/baby steps...don't know what else to do. made some calls. post on alot of research. however that usually doesn't do me any good. as no CURE
    someday...have you been to the worship favorite place. chit chat is ok too :) looked at your bio.

    nice to meet you.
  7. pegasis

    pegasis New Member

    We might not have a cure yet but, if it were not for people like you, nothing at all would have been done yet. At least things have begun for research instead of them just saying that we are all crazy. Although I am not altogether sure that I am not as loopy as a bed bug hahaha!
    And I don't know if I am being completely insain but, what about a nondenominational prayer vigil? You could get different pasters etc to come and lead it. Just a thought.
    oh yeah, I have a bio? lol when did I fill that out and how do I check out others? I will also check out the other message boards that you mentioned. Sounds like fun. huge hugs, lots of love, and God's greatest blessings to you!!! Melody (pegasis)
  8. kmelodyg

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    Good for you hon for planning ahead! Don't worry about people responding. It has been taking so much longer for people to respond for being in my book too. I yjnk most people come on here, check their posts and mabye a couple others, and then sign off. I know that's what I do most of the time! I try to answer at least 3 or 4 each time that I am on. Especially the ones that haven't had barely any responses!

    Well a couple ideas for ya... how about a fund raiser? You could see if some club or venue would donate their space for a night, then you could ask local businesses if they would like to donate prizes for raffle contests. Then you could make into some sort of dance or concert or whatever! That's what I planned for the MS Foundation when I was in high school. We raised quite abit if money and awareness.

    Second, you need to advertise this. Get ahold of your local news people next Spring to let them know that they need to announce that it is FM Awareness Day and if they could possibly do a story about it.

    These two ideas can be planned and organized right from your home. So it shouldn't be as strenuous as some other things. I hope it helps!!

  9. pegasis

    pegasis New Member

    More people need to see this so BUMP!!
    Also, a lot of fire dept. etc. use carnivals to raise money. Could try that but would have to be planned in advance by a year. Hugs, melody