NEED opinions on darvocet for extreme pain...

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by dreamer28455, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. dreamer28455

    dreamer28455 New Member

    after speaking to my doc yesterday after i got blood work, he said to stop the fentanoyl patch. he perscribe me darvocet and gave me a schedule to start out taking half then taking more each day. so far no pain relief and i expressed to him that this pain is starting to effect my job and driving abilities! im only 23! i cant quit my job. i need instant pain relief but he says that is impossible and we have to work our way up and every time a med fails we are back to square one. i know its true but it is so upsetting. i was crying a lot yesterday thinking of my shattered life. i spend my days at work and then go home and curl up in pain and cry. this sucks. i would love to hear peoples experiences with darvocet maybe it'll give me some hope. i am still keeping my appt on monday with the doc in jenkintown who has fibro...maybe he can help in ways this other doc cant because of his knowledge...anyways i just need to vent sorry this is so long i just really wanted to hear about darvocet. thanks for any info you can offer!! <3 Rachel
  2. Drmom

    Drmom New Member

    Sorry to hear that at your young age of 23, that you have so much pain. What is causing the pain???
  3. mossrose101

    mossrose101 New Member

    I have CFS but have always had alot of pain w/it. At one time dr. wanted to exchange my hydrocodone with darvocet. It didnt even touch the pain. Dr. then put me on Talacen and this gives instant relief but was short-lived. Now I am on a long acting pain med.

    Your dr. might be right, that it will take some time to work for you. Hopefully this new dr. will be able to give you some direction.

    Good luck w/your appointment
  4. dreamer28455

    dreamer28455 New Member

    i have fms which is causing my pain. i also think i have restless leg syndrome because the past few weeks my legs are in much more pain than usual. thanks for replying to me! <3 Rachel
  5. dreamer28455

    dreamer28455 New Member

    i think after a week or two i am going to ask for a stronger pain med like hydrocodone or oxycodone. what is talacen? is it a narcotic? thanks for the info...<3 Rachel
  6. lynnintn

    lynnintn New Member

    Darvocet may work for you but it is NOT indicated for extreme pain.
    Here is a link to info about Darvocet on rxlist:

    Darvocet is prescribed for mild to moderate pain and in some studies is no more effective than Tylenol or Motrin. Ultram works better for pain than Darvocet in many cases. Although I am not working now, I am an RN and have worked with disabled and injured patients as a case manager since 1992.

    Have you considered going to see someone at a pain clinic?

    Lynn in TN
  7. Kimba4318

    Kimba4318 New Member

    I am sorry that is crazy!!! Going from something as strong as Fentanyl to Darvocet. My husband does not talke any narcotics and he felt like it was a tylenol when he hurt his back... it was worthless! Geez... That is so extreme and since you went from Fentanyl, why would he not atleast start you at a HIGHER dosage rather than a small one... you should not need much time to "work up" to any of the darvocet dosages... that makes no sense to me at all!

    Find yourself a pain management doc asap... someone who knows what they are doing.. I am sorry, but it does not seem like your doc knows what he is doing.

    Just my opinion.
    good luck to you!
  8. mossrose101

    mossrose101 New Member

    Talacen is a narcotic and anelgesic (sp) combination. Long term use though can have effects on the liver because of the anelgesic combo. Its similar to hydrocodone from what I understand. Do an internet search on it, lots of info.

    You might want to wait and see if this new doctor can offer any alternatives before you start suggesting pain meds. Since this new doc. has fibro, they may have some good ideas and plans that might help.

    I wish you good luck w/the appointment
  9. FANNtasy

    FANNtasy New Member

    Right befor my dx in 03, I found myself going through large bottles of tylanol, motrin, aleve... anything that didnt contain asprin. It causes IBS/Gastritis. Nothing worked. Took a bunch or non narcotic rx drugs, ultram, day pro...also did not work. I tried oxycotin, with no luck and it made me feel weird. Have a bottle of darvocet right now that I dont even take because it doesnt touch the pain. I am taking soma, which I believe is a muscle relaxer before bed. I am able to move my neck 25% better, but am still stiff and in pain. Yesterday, Rheumy wouldnt give me any pain meds because Im taking soma though??? I take lexapro for depression, IBS, anxiety and panic attacks. Take adivan 2x a day for anxiety and panic attacks. Take zyrtec-D for sinus, nasal, ear, tonsil and throat inflamation and congestion, with only minute allergies to dust and mold...isnt every body? Nasonex nose spray for same. I take soma, which I believe is a muscle relaxer, trazidone at night, to sleep. I take nothing for the pain. I live with it every day. If nothing touches the pain, why take a med that isnt helping? The only things that ave worked have been weighty narcotic drugs and I dont like asking for them unless I am desperate. I even try to avoid them when its unbareable, just because they take the pain away, doesnt help me stay awake or with half the brain Ive been left with since becoming ill. I try to do mind over matter through the pain. If I take a few seconds, every minute for periods of time, say 10 minutes. And I do en exercise where I try to relax my body, starting from the top of head and work my way down through my shoulders. Imagining the pain releasing as I do this. Sometimes its in short spurts and I have to start all over again, but it helps to relax me from the tension the pain is causing which is just causing more pain. Any way, sorry for rambling.
    Darvocet doesnt work for me.
    Feel Well, Felicia
  10. dreamer28455

    dreamer28455 New Member

    i am still in pain...i must admit i didnt follow the docs orders on taking a half then 4 hrs later another half..i took one this morning and now..4 hours later i just took 2....hoping for relief..i am going to see a pain manage doc on monday the 23rd and he has fibro. i am very excited to discuss options with him. but the appointment was so far away thats why i had called my family doc because i am in more pain than i have ever been in my life....agh...dying...darvocet you better work! i cannot afford to leave work again early. <3 Rachel
  11. poeticbobbi

    poeticbobbi New Member

    I was on darvocet and it took the edge off my pain but I developed rashes three days into taking it.Im stuck in that mode, most pain meds break me out.
    Hope the darvocet works for you,but if not don't give up,you'll find what works for you best.You came to the right site for info on this whole FM/CFS.
    Keep your head up,and when you simply must cry,once you are done, wash your face and dig down find your biggest stubborn streak and be determined to have FM don't let it have you.I often tell myself "it won't always be this way".
  12. dreamer28455

    dreamer28455 New Member

    i took 2 about 20 mins ago and i think i feel a little legs dont hurt as bad but still feel achy and so does my back. but the fact that i can feel something give me a tiny little bit of hope. but not much i'm running out of hope. it is getting so hard especially when i realize everything i used to do compared to what i do now...i know i should keep my head up but i really feel like the fibro does have me and i am just not happy anymore. it has never effected my life like this thats why im so upset. this site definatly helps though...even the doc asked if i had joined a message board and i said i did and he said that helps a lot being able to talk to others in the same boat as yourself.its great but just not enough. i want relief and i want it now...its too hard to deal with the pain. <3 Rachel

    P.S. i am generally in a bad mood...thats why my post sounds so negative...i cant be positive because im in so much freakin pain.
  13. dreamer28455

    dreamer28455 New Member

    bumping...need somone to talk to...but i will be going to lunch..will check when i get back <3 Rachel
  14. mujuer

    mujuer New Member

    You sound very sad and frustrated as well as in alot of pain. I hate that for you. You are so young. I can only tell you from my experience with fibro, myofacial pain and restless leg syndrome what works for me. I took all kinds of pain meds and they really didn't help much. It was when my primary dr. gave me a muscle relaxer that things started turning around very quickly. I also take Requip for my legs and I had to increase it weekly and it works really well and helps me to sleep. I hope you find some relief soon. You are in my prayers today. P
  15. candi40

    candi40 New Member

    Your post made me cry (I'm already in crying mode today. I am 33, but I feel like I'm 83! A lot of days it's all I can do to make it through the day at work (and some days I can't even do that), then when I get home I can hardly move so I just lay on the couch.
    As far as Darvocet, I do take it for moderate pain, but I have to take 1 & 1/2 or 2 to feel any relief. When my pain is more severe, I take Percocet 10/650. My doc gave me some samples of Ultram, which is non-narcotic, but I don't want to take it because it is an opiod and I've heard horrer stories about withdrawl.
    Anyway, try the Darvocet, and if it doesn't work maybe ask for something a little stronger. I really hope you can get some relief, and just keep in mind that you are not alone.
  16. dreamer28455

    dreamer28455 New Member

    im sorry my post made you cry! i am just feeling so down i guess it poured out in my writing. i took 2 darvocet even though the doc said take a half and i got no relief...i just dont get it. i am in so much pain and it isnt day sounds exactly like then couch then sleep than do it again the next day. i think percocet is a opioid and much stronger than ultram..i was on ultram and it did nothing for me. i think i need to be on stronger narcotic meds. the darvocet just isnt doin it for me. anyways thanks for the reply...also thanks mujuer for your reply too muscle relaxers just dont work for me but i am glad to hear they work good for you! <3 Rachel
  17. obrnlc

    obrnlc New Member

    hi rachel,
    sorry you couldn't tolerate the duragesic, but i can't believe he went from fentanyl to darvocet! Darvocet is one of the weaker pain meds, but i actually get more relief from 2 of them than from 2 tyl./cod. does he allow you to take 2 at a time? just watch your tylenol ingestion doesn't get above 3000mg/day!

    i really thought your doc would be open to another long acting oral med, like mscontim or something. I hope the doc you are seeing monday has some knowledge of the pain (not that i wish it on anybody, but people do have different degrees of fibro and will say "i get by with 2 OTC motrin, why can't you") that we suffer, hard to tell if having a doc with fibro is a good thing or a bad thing!

    what med were you on before you tried the duragesic patches?

    Good luck--will think of you on monday and hope you get an understanding doc!--L
  18. michele3322

    michele3322 New Member

    Please darvact is like baby asprin for me.... I myself can not find anything to help my is killing me slowly, day by day.. I take demoral 3 times a day just to take my mind off of it, for me the meds don't take the pain away. My dr just tried the patch with me but it made me really sick.I'm so sorry for your pain I know how you feel, angery alone and near about desperate. I know I should be talking more positivly but I'm in a bad mood and I'm sorry for that. I'm just tired. It will get better it has too.
  19. dreamer28455

    dreamer28455 New Member

    thanks for the reply...i figured the darvocet was not strong...i guess he figured that because the patch made me sick he would jump to the lowest possible pain pill when i know i could tolerate more but just not the strenght of the patch. i need either hydrocodone or oxycodone. i was perscribed these at the begining of my pain about 2 years ago and they family doc at the time gave them to me twice but said i am not going to gie you anymore you need to go see someone about getting a diag...which i did and just like i said i was diagd with fibro. still no pain pills perscribed. as monday gets closer i start to think about the doc and if it will be good or bad...because if he gets by without pain pills what makes me think he will give me any. if i waste 45 mins driving there and god knows how long waiting im going to be furious! before the pain patch i have been on tramadol, celebrex, neuronton, naproxyn, countless muscle relaxors and anti-inflamatories, lyrica, cymbalta....ugh just thinking of all the money i have wasted makes me sick! are you on anything that gets you by?

    Michele thanks for the reply...i think you and i are in the same mindset lately...i am so angry that i have this curse of a dd!!how does the demoral help with the pain? i need stronger meds to help mine im sure of it...hopefully the doc on monday will understand..he better he has the fibro!!!!
    <3 Rachel
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  20. michele3322

    michele3322 New Member

    I have tried almost everything. here is what I could not take ...percoet cotion.. fentyal pain patch.. they all made me very sick from feeling like my head would explode to rashes to throwing up. darvoct I have no reaction too. the demoral helps to a point,I can take it with no sideaffects. It is so dishearting to me that I can't find a long acting pain reliever. I know we can't give up but it is so depressing to feel so much phsycail pain and mental anguish. I hope your dr appt goes well, I will see mine may 11 and get to tell her once more we have to try somthing new. My heart goes out to you .. you are so young.

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