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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by atiledsner, Jan 5, 2006.

  1. atiledsner

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    I posted a while back about my relationship with a younger man.I told how he would, vacuum, clean house, dust furniture,take my dog out,fix a plate of food for me,fix me something to drink, etc.We've been togather about a year. But in the last year he has only worked a few weeks at a time, work 6-8 weeks off 2-3 months.I have had back and neck surgery and cannot work at this time.Also closed a business to take care of my termanilly ill parents for 2 1/2 years, before I had my surgery. I will admit i have made some rash decisions since caring for my parents, my surgery,....etc. Had lots of emotional stuff to deal with and then had to deal with selling parents home and belongings. Now back to the guy.....he has no drivers lincence,just never got one,no home, no vehicle,no money, no education past 10th grade,not self motivated, wants to do something to make big money but not sure how..... Is 36 years old. I am 56 He was supposed to get out and get a job after the new year.He's been agitated for a few days now.For no reason i could identify.Monday morning he came in and said he wasn't able to work he had something wrong with his stomach and he needed to see a doctor and get this straighen out before he took a job.This same pattern has happened before he just never told me he needed to see a doctor. I wanted this relationship . i prayed and asked God to let me have it. For the past few weeks i have been so miserable. He was here 24/7 always under foot and questioned every thing i did. He was smothering me to death. I can only stand up for a few minutes, can't work, filed for disability, denied and got an attorney,waiting for a hearing. I prayed and asked God to please help me get out of this mess I got myself into.When he said he was thinking of leaving I was thinking"Ooh Thank YOU GOD" I took him to his mothers. I really need someone to care for me.I don't want him back here. He is calling wanting to come back,that he made the biggest mistake in his lifewhen he left.I've heard this before, because I have made him leave before for having temper fits and saying those f...words. What do ya think? I won't be offended.I'm missing something here.atiledsner
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    It looks like you got rid of him, so why do you want him back - this guy appears to be a loser. If you choose to support him and have him as a companion, etc. I guess that is your choice.

    Maybe I don't understand....
  3. atiledsner

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    I feel free at last, free at last.........but i don't want to be mean to him and seem uncaring.I think he has a lot of potential but i don't have the time energy or want get him started.I have a history of being a fixer,now I know i can't fix it all.I've always been a giver and i just love people.He told me he couldn't buy me anything for Christmas a couple of days before Christmas.I sold my parents estate and signed the papers on the 24th of December.I gave my daughter and SIL 100.00 each.He was in the car with us i gave him 100.00 too.He spent all of that money on himself, i didn't get so much as a card.Up to that point i couldn't buy him anything either,but be sure i would have spent some of that 100.00 on him if he had been the one giving it to me.Thanks for the replies.I don't want to support him and couldn't if i wanted to.Thanks atiledsner

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