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    Hello all

    I have apparently been suffering w/ Fibromyalgia and Pre Lupus (for lack of a better conclusion of blood work) for many years, but only recently have Dr.s said the words Fibromyalgia and Pre lupus. I used to think I was just tired and a cry baby and a big fat loser.

    Now, I am in Northern Virginia. I have seen 6 Dr.s Ranging from Oncologist to figure out why my WBC count is so high, (no conclusion) and a rheumatologist for my ANA’s and elevated ESR (no conclusion) and of course, internal medicine Dr, infectious diseases Dr. a gastroenterologists (IBS), family Dr. You name it, I’ve seen it over the past 3 years. They all agree on the same thing, the facts that my blood work is very skewed, the fact that no one can put the pieces of the puzzle together for a diagnoses, and the fact that I am in pain. I have been poked, prodded, scoped, and scraped. YEP, something is wrong!

    I realize now, I will have no answers. I am also overweight. It has been very difficult to get ANY Dr. to look past the fat, to LISTEN to me; at least I have blood work to prove I am in pain.

    So I have my yoga mat, my books, my stationary bike, my prayers, my vitamins, my brown rice aloe vera juice, fiber etc get the idea.


    These Dr.s are scared to DEATH to Rx me anything other than Bextra, which I was taken off of. Motrin, Tylenol etc. These 6 Dr.s had me on 8 different medications from morning til night. I don’t WANT to take 8 different medications! They are scared to death to Rx any scheduled medication. Yet I read everywhere, you people w/ Lupus, CFS FMS are getting the break through pain help you need (?) What is wrong with ME…or what is wrong with the Dr.s in my area? I have not found a Dr. that knows what Fibromyalgia is, not really. Is that my problem? Not only does it suck to not be able to relate to anyone, but to have Dr.s dismisses my pain as NOT urgent… When you’re in pain, you’re whole world falls apart!

    So, I found a pain clinic. The Dr seemed sympathetic. She gave me Ultracet to try. I’ve tried it for 2 months now. It is OK. It has helped me be more active. But honestly, I can’t say it’s that much better than OTC Tylenol. And when my period arrives, it does nothing.

    I’m so disgruntled. She said, when I read about people with Fibromyalgia getting pain medication, it’s because they have other major problems like broken backs.

    Why will no Dr. Rx me anything other than weak meds? I don’t even drink alcohol or smoke, or ever been on scheduled medication OR smoked pot OR done anything even as a teenager! I’m just SO incredibly alone and I feel envious of all of you GETTING help, w/ natural advice and also help for breakthrough pain.

    Does anyone know a Dr. in Northern Virginia who DOES believe Fibromyaliga can be more painful or just as painful as someone with back problems??? HA! Or am I just some whiny lady having a bad day or bad cramps? ? Sorry, I’m just so frustrated.

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    I'm sorry that you are having a hard time with your Doctors. Your story is all too familiar. There are Doctors out there who will help and I hope you don't stop looking.
    Click on the Doctor referral at the top of the page and perhaps there is someone there.

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    No I have not tried him. But I will ASAP! It will be a long schlep but it wil be worth it, geographically he is close to me. It's all the cars in between us that are the problem. :)

    Monday morning I am making an appt. I haven't met anyone here w/ these issues, only my husbands co workers who are all healthy average people. We've lived here 3 years, but I just don't socialize like I used to.
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    You might want to consider the Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Centers. Many on this board have gotten good results from the extensive blood work they do there.

    I am one of them. Your story sounds all too familiar. Every time I go I meet people who have flown in from all over. I even met a woman who flew in from the Caymen Islands!