Need personal stories/side effects on Topamax

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lisjhn, Jan 31, 2003.

  1. lisjhn

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    I'm thinking of trying Topamax since I couldn't take Neurontin. Only thing I'm worried about is they say one of the side effects is headache and eye pain, although they advertise it as a treatment for migraines and cluster headaches....I had to stop taking the Neurontin due to bad headaches while on it, plus I gained weight, I heard that on this one you will actually lose weight.

    Is anybody on this and what dosage are you on and what dosage did you start with? 15mg.? Would you recommend this? What other side effects have you noticed?

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    The starting dosage is 25mg and you are suppose to work up to l00mg for migraines. However, I have had such extreme fatigue from just 50mg, I couldn't even go to the grocery store, and this is one of the often reported side effects. It is suppose to be a very good preventative for migraine headaches and I think it is helping me to some extent, but I can't take the full amount. You did'nt say whether you are taking it for that purpose. Does neurontin make you gain weight? I've heard that is a side effect and my mother is on that drug. I did not have the other side effects you mentioned on Topamax- I believe it to be a better and safer drug than Neurontin. AMELIA
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    .....are to help with pain and sleep. But I'm scared now. Also to see if it helps my headaches. I'm so tired as it is though, I don't need something adding to that. But what I'm looking for is a good pain med before I go and ask my doc for oxy or something.

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    Yes, it will help you lose weight! The only side effect I noticed when I was on it was that it caused my white cell count to drop to a dangerously low point. My other docs had no idea what was causing it, even a hematologist. My CFS/FM doc recognized it the first time I saw him!

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    and I ended up in the hospital undergoing a complete heart workup. The good news is that my heart is fine, but I can't take Topamax any more. However, I often get strange side effects. I was looking forward to losing the weight I gained on Depakote.