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    I don't know what to do. I've had 8 bowel obstructions in my life time. The last one in Aug.2002. I went to the E.R. Fri. night hurting, swollen up, very hard. They done a MRI., blood work. No Iv. No stool sample for occult blood nothing elce. The MRI. did not show an obstruction. I was given pain meds in my vein and told to return to my family Dr. The doctor on call stated he thought i had anonther obstruction. He told me right before i left, i may want to look for a sergeron. All my obstructions in the past have been small bowel except for the last one. That one was a complete blockage I called my Dr. as I was told, took the medication. The office can't get me in until Fri. I don't get paid until the 1st.of Oct. They insisted i pay the $30.00 co-pay Fri. and won't let me see the Doctor before then. Does any one know if i have to be completely blocked off before they will admit me to the hospital? I'm sure this is adheasions again. Any suggestions! I need prayer God Bless, Sheila
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    Is there a city or county run health clinic that can see you before then?

    Is the issue pain management? or are you concerned of sepsis (infection)? If you are still obstructed and running a temp., the hospital should admit you.

    Why on earth so many obstructions? Have you gotten any proactive treatment to prevent such episodes from reoccurring? Heavens!Does stress contribute?

    Lord, keep watch over Sheila. May she experience less pain and be free from these episodes. In Jesus' name. Amen

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    First of all, I am gonna be praying for you. I think we all know that we need doctors, but we also know that doctors cant do for us what God can. Next, I don't know much about the laws of medicine, but I know that in my hometown, if you cant get in to see your doctor and you go to the local E.R. they cannot refuse to see you and I'm not sure of the symptoms that you are having, but if they are severe enough, fever, severe pain ect... they would be crazy not to admit you to the hospital! Sorry if I didn't help much. Let us know what you find out and how you are doing.

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    I have had problems with my bowels in the past and I make sure to eat lots of fiber. Sorry to hear about your problems getting good medical help.
    Lord put your healing hand upon Sheila heal her of her afflictions,in Jesus name we ask this. Lord put your hand upon her Docs to help her, bless her with good medical care. Thank you Jesus for these blessings, with his stripes we are healed. Bless you Sheila, keep praying for healing, Sunrise
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    I don`t really have any suggestions for you. But I am sending prayers up for you. That obstruction must be terribly painful. Hope all goes well.

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    Thank you all for your reply. I went to my Doctor today and she thinks I have an obstruction and has set me up with a sergon next week. The last sergon wont help me because he thinks more surgery causes more adheasions. I would have to be completely obstructed. My doctor doesn't see it that way. So she's sending me to anonther surgeon that may clear uo anonther obstruction. Plesae memember me in your prayers God Bless, Sheila
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    Praying that you will have some relief from the pain, This waiting is the worse - isn't it. Gentle Hugs - Grandma