Need prayer for direction,change in my life

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  1. atiledsner

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    Dear prayer warriors,I am as down as I have ever been in my life.I really need a change in my life.I got SSD but not enough to live on.

    Have a boyfriend that has been helping me out but he just got fired for the 3rd time in about a year.He quit one job so that is 4 jobs he has had.

    You know how you just know in your knower that someone is just not the one? I just don't have the energy to get rid of him.

    I posted some of the stuff I have been going through on the porchlight is on vol 73.

    I just need some miracle to happen to send my life in a different direction. Thank You
  2. Asatrump

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    Sweetie, I wish I had some sage thoughts for you. It doesn't comfort you to know that others face the same type of things. You need help and you need it now.

    I will tell you this. I will pray for you, that your physical and emotional life get better, and that your social life resolves in some way.

    Keep us posted, and please put yourself on the weekly prayer chain. You find it written in CAPS and always has the date of the next Thursday night, which is prayer night.
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    I`m sorry to hear your having such a difficult time. Sending out prayer and positive thoughts for you. Keep asking God for help in finding that new direction. He will help but you have to ask him because we have free will.

    Take good care,
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    You are a very strong and brave woman. You have been through so much and still are fighting for something better.

    Many would have just plain given up. When your sick yourself you NEED the love and support of ALL around you.

    But you have had to deal with so much more than just illness, I can't even imagine.

    Please know I'll be praying for you. God must have something very important planned for you.

    He has allowed all this to make you strong and though that may sound dumb, I believe there is something in your future of precious immportance.

    Hold onto Him, I'm feeling you are very close to the miracle you speak of. Blessings my dear sister. De
  5. SweetT

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    My boyfriend keeps a job but doesn't seem to have the ambition that I have. He has so many gifts with people and intellectually. He could be wealthy by now. But he settles for living paycheck to paycheck. Actually, it's not that he makes so little but it's that he's sooo poor with money. And he has yet to take a Community College course on budgeting. Or talk to a Spiritual Leader who can help him. Even with my illnesses, I'm not settling for living paycheck to paycheck. For as long as I'm in corporate America, so to speak, I've got to do more than work to play eeny meeny miny mo with bills.

    I'm not worrying about it anymore. I'm leaving it in God's hands. He knows that I work best with a companion; yet I need someone who won't hold me down further than my illness might take me down. So my goal for 2007 is to truly Let Go and Let God. I've even applied to a graduate school that offers Theology and Divinity degrees. In spite of my illnesses and the fact that I don't have $12,000+ sitting in my bank account to pay for school, I feel that the Holy Spirit is moving me to stop being a coward and to go on and do something I've been putting off for years-------graduate school. Even if I go on disability 6 months after I get a job based on the new degree, I'll have met my personal goal. Matter of fact, even if I stop working right after I get the degree, I'll have met my goal. That degree may open doors for my own business (where I profit at least $40,000 per year), which has been my goal since leaving high school.

    Pursuing some of my long-held-off personal goals alone might push the boyfriend out of my life (if he cannot keep up) and push the right man into it. Same with you, Atiledsner. We were created to have a helpmate. If boyfriend can't hold onto a job, he isn't a helpmate.

    Okay, I rambled too much. But my point was that I can relate to what you are going through and most importantly, God knows what you need. Try to stop worrying so much and doing so much trying to figure it out. We will pray for you.
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  6. phoebe1

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    I am also praying for new direction in my life, know and believe that God only wants the best for you. Keep asking Him to show you the way and please read the teacup story on this board, it is inspiring.