Need prayer for my daughters

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    Hi all,
    My oldest daughter just got on the Medi-cal program and tonight on the new we were informed that the dental and optical care is being cancel as of July 1. My daughter needed glasses and dental care in the worst way. Please pray that we can get her the appointments before the 1st. She is the one with asperger's syndrome and really needs help.

    Also my youngest daughter has been hang out with a thug. Yes a he looks and sounds like a gang member. She is 18 and lives with her grandparents . I just found out that this guy took her out to Vegas for the weekend and they partied (drinking,drugs,weed,ect..) like there was no tomorrow. My pray is that she would come to know the Lord and get away from these people before she gets hurt.

    Please keep my girls in your prayers as this is keeping my up at night with worry.

    Thank you all for your prayers. I'm going to be calling doctors and dentist tomorrow so hopefully someone will be able to see her.

    One more thing to add. There are a lot of people here that are shut in's in So. Cal. that are losing the health care . If we all could take a moment to lift them up in prayer maybe God will look on them with favor.

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    Please , Lord , watch over D. and her daughters . That they would come to put all their hope in You. Also that they may get help for their individual needs.I also pray for all who need health and dental health care in this country . Please , Lord , make a change happen so that all may have equal care. Give everyone peace and contentment in all situations . Let them know the You love them no matter what.

    In Jesus Holy name,
    Amen and Amen
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    I will keep your daughters in my prayers. Also prayers for the elderly and shut-in's that are losing they health and dental coverage. I also have added you daylight to my prayers, you have many stresses to deal with and a few prayers sent for you may help you deal with this extra stress.

  4. windblade

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    Joining in the prayers for your daughters.

    Please Lord, help Daylight's oldest daughter get her dental and other important medical needs cared for before July 1. And we ask for her younger daughter that You would draw her to yourself; we ask for her salvation.

    Also, Lord, the shut-ins who have no health care. What a terrible thing. Please bring them aid, and help. We need your help, Lord. Thank you for your great love. Who can see the edges of it? And Daylight, we lift up her needs, bring your help to her, and saturate her with your love and peace. We ask all this in your Holy Name. Amen.

  5. daylight

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    God did again!!!!! I was able to get an appointment for the eye doctor for my oldest daughter today! They were going to place her on a last minute cancellation list for the last week of June but someone canceled today at the same time I called. Cool huh. Unfortunately getting a dental appointment for her is may not happen. But if God wills it to be so then it will. =)

    I'm having trouble with the hubs today. He's got a very bad anger problem and today after telling him the news about my daughters appointment he cussed me out. I was trying to explain to him the directions to the optometrist office and he just flipped out on me. I don't really know why he's this way but I suspect that he's bipolar . He's not like this around his friends but he's always has to be right and have things his way. (wish that I had known this before we got married )
    He says that he knows the Lord and he is friends with our Pastor. But now they (people in the church) think that I'm the problem. I don't know what to do. I've tried to explain the situation to our pastor and other women but my hubs is very likable and I guess I'm not.We have a bad strained marriage (if you could call it a marriage at all).
    Anyways he's scaring the crud out of me . I don't want to leave (plus I have no where to go if I did) . He's not physically abusive ,just mental abuse and it not all the time. But I never know what will trigger he's temper.
    With everything that is going on I need him to be strong. He says that he is a Christian but behind closed doors I just don't see it.
    Fear is gripping me and I know that this Fear is not from the Lord.
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  6. TwoCatDoctors

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    My dad was always the delight of everyone in town, but us family at home knew his dark side. Not only did mom suffer, but us kids suffered too. And I so wished that when mom left him, she had not reconciled with him a year later.

    Please don't expect counseling from the church or the church ladies because they're not going to help you and instead are taken in by the IMAGE he projects for them. So you know now that he can control his temper and abuse, and makes a conscious decision to heap it onto you.

    Please get to a therapist and get help for yourself and your children. You must not lose your self esteem and your self respect and let him tear you down and the sad part is that eventually he may start on the children as my dad did to us. It may come to the point that you have to leave for the sake of your kids and you will have to build up strength to do that. Mental abuse is still abuse and it leaves scars and it scars the kids too. Kids hear things when you think they are not there or not around. I heard and saw too much as a child and would have been happier to be poor and in a household growing up without my dad.

    Call the domestic abuse hotline and talk to them at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233). They can provide counseling, talk to you about shelters and so much more. Your husband is not a Christian and is a wife abuser behind closed doors. Reach out before he starts on the kids
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    Its scary how many people fit into the category of your husband…likeable to the outside world, a monster inside.

    I will be praying for your situation….that your marriage is a healthy loving one, that your older daughter gets all her medical needs taken care of, and that your younger daughter is saved from ruining her life by keeping unwholesome company.

    You must be so tired and stressed out….with all these three situations coming at you at once, please keep strong for yourself and daughters….

    I have to say my husband when I first married him was very short tempered and egotistical to the point I used to wonder if I made a mistake…but it seems he mellowed with the years, he is my rock of gibralter and I cannot imagine a life without him. So I would ask you not to lose faith in your marriage but work on it with patience and skillfulness. Sometimes things do seem to resolve themselves given the time. If the abuse gets out of hand, of course, you would need to assert yourself and Two cats has, as usual, good info on how to go about it.

    God Bless
  8. Granniluvsu

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    I have said some prayers for your daughters. It is terrible to be so worried about them. I have problems with my middle daughter many years ago, never knew when she was coming home, etc. she lied to be with her boyfriends and all that stuff. Well, she ended up married with 3 boys and now is divorced but does have her head on straight.

    We never stop worring no matter how old they are. One of her children also has special needs. He is now 14 but is only that age in size. I hope your daughter gets all the help sheneeds help before the insurance runs out. Yes, both of your daughters need prayers. Prayers also to you Daylight. A mother's heart is always worrying when her children have problems.

    Somehow I missed the others posts and part of your other one. Sorry to hear about your husband freaking out on you. My daughter that got divorced finally after over 15 years of marriage partially due to his mental abuse and never giviing her money for anything for her or the kids. He wasn;t much help at that time either. She does better without him.

    Yes, I think you need to look into the domestic hotline as someone else mentioned. You do not need to be treated like this and this could just be the beginning. Sorry to sound so negative but that only brings heartache if he will not go to any knid of therapy. Somehow I doubt that he will go but it is worth a try. My daughter's x wouldn't go either because there was NEVER anything wrong with him. Everything was her fault including the son with disabialities.

    God bless,

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  9. fibromickster

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    Wow, you explained my husband perfectly. I thought it was just my husband that is like that and i am amazed that there are so many other men that are like that too. I am wondering now if it is just a male macho thing that is going on. My husband is so likeable at work and has such good friends that he can talk for hours with on the phone. However, with me or his family (except our daughters), he is totally the opposits. It is like we did something wrong or he is just better than us.

    I don't understand how someone that supposedly loves you can treat you like dirt. I am so jeolous when i see couples walking holding hands or even just a husband carressing his wife with just a pat or kiss on the cheek. I have never had that, but someday i will. When my kids are grown and gone, i will find my soul mate and have the kind of happiness I have always dreamt of.