Need Prayer...pain is unbearable...depressed

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Peace77, Jul 27, 2008.

  1. Peace77

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    I'm feeling very depressed because my back went out and I can barely walk. It is also related to my fibromyalgia. I feel so useless to anyone. I have to stay on the couch with a heating pad to get well and it is taking too long. I wanted to help my daughter with her new house but my back is so bad and I have a torn tendon in my shoulder I'm no use to her. She said she doesn't want to have kids because she's afraid to pass my genes on to them. I was so hoping to be of service to her, now it seems I am unable to. The medicine I have to take is giving me side effects that are intolerable. The medrol dose pack they gave me for inflammation is giving such a terrible headache but I've already taken two days worth and have to stay on it to wean down.

    Today, I honored God by reading His word and watching sermons on TV.

    I'm just feeling so alone and useless and lonely that I have to just weight out this pain. Tomorrow I see orthopedic surgeon about my shoulder. I may need surgery. How can I do it. I can barely walk.

    I keep asking God to lighten my spirits. Hopefully tomorrow my pain will be better. Please pray for me that I won't have to use a cane now and that I find out how I can strengthen my back muscles. Pray I don't need surgery on my shoulder. Pray most of all I stay strong in the Lord, Giving thanks in all situations.

    Thank You,
  2. poets

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    I really hate to hear about all you've been going through. I've thrown my back out many times and the pain is unreal! I'll certainly be in prayer for you that you'll soon feel stronger and that you won't need surgery.

    Praying for relief of pain and brighter days ahead for you. Keep us posted.

  3. Buzybee

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    God bless you and carry you through this difficult time. Peace77. I know what it's like to be in pain and feel useless at the same time. You will make it through this! My prayers are with you.
  4. windblade

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    Praying for your back pain, and for your depression.

    I've been on a heating pad for back pain for awhile also, but I think it might be lessening now.

    Be good to yourself!!! Do things that bring you comfort, like reading enjoyable books, or watching DVD's. Something that might take your mind off the pain - or at least cut it down.

    You need time to get through the bad side effects of that med. also.

    It's not your fault that you're in pain or that you have fibro.! Time to take care of yourself, with no guilt.

    That's my prescription. :)

    Glad you're here, so we can pray for you.

    Dear Lord, please help Peace with all she is going through right now. Thank you for the tremendous love you have for her. And please give the surgeon wisdom about her shoulder.
    I ask this in Jesus' beloved name. Amen.

  5. kbak

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    Hi Peace,

    I am so sorry your in such pain. I know it is terrible. I'm praying that God will give you better day's and less pain.


  6. Peace77

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    I appreciate the concern and support I receive from this group. I watch Joel Olstein last night and he said to praise God when you're down because God inhabits our praises. Meaning when I praise Him it gets His attention, better than if I go around complaining and doing the poor mes. So I've been praising God today for the blessings I do have.

    I don't need surgery on my shoulder now but maybe later, it's my call based on discomfort and I'm not willing to get surgery. Because, even the dr. agreed people with FM don't take well to surgery as well as those who don't have it because their muscles tighten up more.

    I'll be getting a cane tomorrow and an X-Ray, then I'll be able to get an updated MRI.

    I talked to my Mom today about her immune disorder: multichemical sensitivity and my great aunts fibromyalgia and my mom thinks as long as my daughter stays away from harmful toxins she doesn't have to worry about getting either of these immune disorders.

    I still think there is a hereditarial link to the disorder.
    Thank You again for your prayers,
  7. windblade

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    How have you been doing? How is your back pain?

    Have been wondering how you are.

    God Bless,