Need prayer regarding health insurance

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  1. bandwoman

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    I have had excellent coverage in the past. We recently changed the company that does the claims even though we were told that the coverage would be exactly the same and things would go on as usual. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    One of my main treatments which I pay out of pocket and then get reimbursed, is now being temporarily rejected. I am now way past due in getting reimbursed and I got a letter saying they were not going to pay it until further communication with my dr. Please pray that this situation gets resolved soon. I am hundreds of dollars out right now right before Christmas.

    Without these treatments I am not sure how I would be able to function in my teaching job.

    Thanks everyone.

    Nancy Bandwoman
  2. bandwoman

    bandwoman New Member

    I was sure I typed this on the Thursday night prayer requests. I am either losing my mind or something funny happend. At this point in time either one is highly likely. LOL

  3. fivesue

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    I will pray for you and this situation. Insurance is so hard to deal with...

    I had to change doctors once but was able to return when my husband's policy changed. It was so hard.

    Do take care.

    Pray for you and this situation....that it will quickly be resolved in your favor.

  4. bandwoman

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    You got me fired up. I sent a second email to our person in charge of the insurance. The last time I did this I got a check in the mail in about two days of a claim they said they had never received. Interesting huh. I know the games they play. They figure if they wear you out enough then you will give up and not persevere and then they win.

    I am the most tenacious person on the planet but it gets me so aggravated and stressed then I pay for it in my body so in the end I am not sure who wins. I am trying to give this to the Lord and not be upset. I keep taking it know how that goes. I was to use that money for Christmas presents. I have bought none at this point. It will work out somehow. I just hope I don't shoot anyone in the process. I always say those orange jump suits they give you in prison are just not my color. LOL

  5. webintrig

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    at the insurance and/or medical industry mercy aren't we?
    Well, God's mercy for us is stronger than that and I will pray that everything in your case will be resolve. I will pray also you will be able to continue doing both, your teaching job and treatments as well. The Lord will take care of you my friend as you are serving him and that is what he has asked of us. Find comfort in these prayers for you and know that we care!

  6. pepper

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    I did not know about this problem and will get praying on this right away. Do you remember that my insurance company suddenly decided not to cover my BioCranial treatments which were helping me so much? I asked for prayers for that and one Friday morning (after it was on the Prayer Night Requests list), the coverage was reinstated.

    The power of the prayers on this board is awesome. Please keep reminding us about this so we can pray until you get a positive outcome.

    I know what this is like to be out hundreds of dollars and to need the treatments so badly.

    I will pray hard on this one.
    Love, Judy
  7. 143alan

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    Of course having just gone through some insurance nightmares with my own surgery, I know how frustrating dealing with insurance is. I will continue to pray about your insurance.
    Love Ya
  8. bandwoman

    bandwoman New Member

    I am visiting my mom during my two weeks off and I am still at her house as I don't have to be back to school until next week. I won't know anything until I get back. I am really scared as I see so many doctors. If this new insurance co. are being a pain so early on this is not good news at all. My chiro bills have not been paid for Nov. as of a week ago my chiro told me. I really rack up the bills between him and my muscle therapy. So it could be a very long year of fighting with this company. I ended up going to the top person in our school district and I have a feeling she has already got on their case with a phone call. Thanks for your prayers. I hope you and your husband had a good time over the Holidays. It sure went by faster this year that others it seems.

    The weather has been so strange for winter that it has seeemed more like spring than Christmas time but I am not complaining as I hate the cold weather.

    I hope you have a great 2007.
    Thanks again for praying, I appreciate it.

  9. bandwoman

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    All of my chiro treatments are covered 100%. I see a muscle therpaist who specializes in what is call myofaschial pain therapy. She is called a Myotherpist. She is not a massage therapist or a physical therapist even though some of what she does is similar to what my PT did when I was seeing him.

    It is amazing how it works but it does. I have been seeing her for over 12 years. She works out of the same office as my chiro so she bills through him. I also have 100% coverage but since I rack up so many bills they from time to time need to have a letter of necessity from my chiro.

    I sure hope that will satisfy this new company regarding my IV treatments. I hope you get rested up from your husband being home. I remember when my Dad was still living and when he first retired. My mom was a stay at home mom and was used to having the house to herself. When he retired he about drove her crazy at first so I can sort of relate.

    Well I am on very low battery. To get online has been a royal pain. I am at a restaurant right now which has wi fi and I have a wireless laptop so it works. I am getting a low battery signal so got to run. Going back home tomorrow. BOO HOO. Vacation is coming to an end.


  10. kgangel

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    Band woman

    Health insurance rules the world, doesn't it?? I just can not believe what I hear people going through any more, it is simply unbelievable, heartwrenching and mind boggling.

    We have had to pay $540.00 a month for minimal NY State Health insurance , plus a $100 drug co pay per year. We get the least amount that the insurance co can get away with paying. My husband is self employed, so this is all we are offered. I am currently unemployed but recieve money for SSDI. So this is the only insurance we can have at present. I have to pay very high co pays for any procedures I have done also.

    I do know from experience how hard it is and I am so sorry you are facing hard times too. I will be praying for you and your family and that your situation gets resolved

    May God Bless you


  11. bandwoman

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    You may have forgotten but I am single. It is just me and my 16 year old cat. I never found Mr. Right. I see many Mr. Wrongs out there. LOL Better off single. LOL

    Thanks for your concern. I will be playing the waiting game for a while now. I am waiting on my doctor's office to send a letter of medical necessity. That letter should be going out tomorrow. Then I will probably have to wait for 2-3 weeks on pins and needles to see what happens. I have to cancel my FM treatments this month because I pay up front and then get reimbursed. I am three payments in the hole now and they are $190 a piece. Can't afford to go in any deeper right now.

    Thanks for your prayers. I am going to need them.

  12. bandwoman

    bandwoman New Member

    Hi Pam,

    Thanks for your prayers. I made it back home on Saturday night and here it is Monday already. I survived the first day back. It is always such a hard transition for me mentally. I did pretty well. I didn't feel like a zombie like I thought I would. I get up at 4:20 and believe me that was NOT the schedule I was doing on vacation. Far from it. So it was a pretty rude awakening this morning but I made it. That first day back is always the hardest.

    Thanks for your prayers for the insurance. I won't know anything for a few weeks so will be canceling my FM treatments for January. I really hate that but I just don't want to put myself in a negative financial position if I don't have to. I pay for these treatments out of pocket and then get reimbursed. I am three payments in the hole already. what is so exasperating is this company reimbursed me for two treatments and then all of a sudden started having problems with them. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

    I hope your husband ends up getting good insurance. I have been spoiled because we had excellent insurance for quite a few years. Why they changed I don't know. I am sure the bottom line was the reason.

    How are you doing now that the Holidays are over? I am sure it takes everyone some time to recuperate.

    Take care and thanks again for your prayers.