need prayer very much

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    sorry i hope this makes some since: due to my night time meds just kicked in and can barely keep my eyes open.

    I really need all the prayers i can get. long story short==
    just over 3 long painful years ,due to a (i thought) was just a pulled/strained lower back, ((A switch turned on)) is the only way i can explain it so hopefully someone can understand.

    but now i'm in chronic pain 24/7. I've been dx w/ FIBRO & CFS that now is maybe due to the triggering of the sprained lower back.

    I know JESUS loves me very much !

    this Tuesday Dec.11 at 10AM ,i'am going to my last chance group of Dr's. ,5 hrs long w/out all my pain meds .

    why ?? because they need to see my pain level so they can

    ((not agree with the Insurance company))
    that states i'am fixed.

    as all you understand DR appt. and our meds cost so much.

    if these DRS agree with my family DR. whom states i'm permantally disabled , which i'am.

    may over ride, we hope the Ins. panel and then i can hopefully get a pension which wont even cover appts. and meds monthly but it will help at least.

    sorry , i'm so very tired but needed to post this.


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    Just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you.
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    thank you all for the very needed prayers.
    my husband drove me and stayed in town and took me home after.

    well it wasn't as bad as i thought.
    i saw 5 diff. people but first i saw a dr that shut his door after asking me if he could pray w/me no lie!!!

    he got down on his knees and held my one had and had his other on my head and prayed a very wonderful prayer for healing to our lord JESUS ,i cryed so hard it was amazing.

    and another dr a shrink sorry cant spell correct title ,

    he also was sharing w/me scripture about Paul, wow huh!!

    so i really dont know anything yet ,i hope i can get approved for a pension ,sure will take alot of pressure off us money wise ,

    meds ,appts you all understand. thats why you all are so great.

    but i'm also sad at the same time that you all share in the pain .

    thank you for being here for me. ill let you know when i find out.

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    Dear BLLKAT

    I loved that the doctors knelt and prayed with you...there is no healing like that of The One Above.

    You will be in my prayers often....for a complete healing and a proper pension

    God Bless
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    still no news but by the sounds of it, it didn't go that good.

    but i have been feeling alot better. and my husband and i are closer than ever and alot less stress here at home.

    real early still not to bed yet , so ill write again and share more later.

    JESUS is the BEST!!!!!