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    My condition seems to have declined despite taking meds and my constantly standing on God's Word for a Healing. I continue to have knee/leg pains due to R. Arthritis. I'm having extreme difficulty walking, sitting/standing, negotiating steps etc. I have always been a strong believer that God Heals, have prayed for others healing etc. But, things are not looking good at all and I don't have help. One Bible verse says we are to speak into existence things which are not -- as though they were so. In essence, to have extreme faith despite the visual appearance of things. Sometimes, I think, I believe in healing, prospertiy etc. too much that I am becoming too unrealistic. I am still believing God to 'show up' and heal me or at least improve the situation somewhat -- until His timing of full restoration. I ask the Prayer Warriors to take Authority as I do the same and Claim a Healing, Getting Needs met (finances), and Peace of Mind for me and others facing similar situations. Thank you for your Bold Authority and Prayers in this matter. By His Stripes We are Healed.
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    Agreeing with you in prayer. I hope God does give you a healing, if he doesn`t maybe the time isn`t right yet. I do believe we all will be healed someday. If not in this time in the next.

    God bless,
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    three walked into the fire and three walked out and so shall you!keep strong god is on your side and we all will walk through many fires some w/ pain some despair some in loss and some in gain we are here for a purpose and i know god is smiling on you....keeep praying i will pray with you
    if two agree and we are in agreement by faith and love :)ceres
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    I thank you all for taking the time to pray for my urgent needs. God has touched your hearts so much -- that it is a pity that many in the world cannot experience God's touch through you. First of all DixieLee, you in no way took to long in explaining the biblical circumstances of sin and healing. You're right this is warfare. That's why I called for the Prayer Warriors. Many are Warriors and do not even know it. From the smallest prayer, word or blessing to the longest pronouncement of God's word, redemption and power -- it is all done to uplift the individual needing prayer. I have made peace with God to accept His will in this situation. But, I am also very firm with Him and I also believe that He has given us Authority over the Enemy, Sickness, and Lack of any kind. Many of us give up to soon and refuse to use the authority or call for the assistance of others -- in Prayer to Step on the Head of the Enemy and stand on the word of God -- which includes healing, peace and prosperty even though some are to suffer. Needs must be met. Ceres, I too love that story about the 3 who went into the fire and came out without even the smell of smoke. I claim that type of victory in my prayers frequently. Thanks for the reminder to me and for others. Sandyz, it is great to know that either way we will get our healing in this life or the next. My main qualm is that problems with health have such a ripple effect -- effecting finances, socialization, travel etc. If it only effected one aspect it would not be so bad. This is why we can't give up so easily and think -- we have to suffer and have everything fall like dominoes, especially if we didn't do all we could with the resources we have and utilize the people of God -- such as yourself and others on this board. I truly appreciate your prayers and encourage you to use your authority as I will with everyones help to dispel the powers of the enemy and obtain God's grace, provision and peace. Thank you and God Bless you.

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