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    Hi, I am new but need to vent in a bad way! I was "sent" to a pain clinic (NC) today becuase my PCP was "uncomforatble" prescribing my pain meds. The bright young specialist (at least that's what he was titled) proceeded to tell me he can't do anything to help me but did offer a shot and a prescription for some new drug called Lyrica. He continued to share with me how the pain meds are BAD for me and my nerves and everytime i said something he sat there with this condescending (sp?) smile on his face. When I realized he had no intentions of giving me something to help with the pain...I wanted to cry. YES, CRY and the only reason I didn't was I didn't want to to do it in front of him. I've never heard of this NEW drug so i call CVS to get a price on it, mind you we have no insurance now becuase the hubby's employer terminated it this year (HD injured himself on the job...anyway, she says $4.00-at least I thought that's what she said so i reply with...woww, do you have the same program as walmart now? THEN she says I mean $499 and some chnage!!!! I almost freaked! So i've been searching the interent all evening to find some help. I finally found some PAP so we'll see. I'm tired, I'm sleepy, I feel like I've done something wrong and all I want is to be pain free. Maybe the pain meds can't do it 100% but at least allow me to live and not exsist.I'm tired of feeling like I must prove this illness. I've only had one doctor in all the years of dealing with this that actually recognized fibro and treated it accordly. These "specialists" make me feel like some junkie looking for the next fix. I'm sorry to vent on my first post but I needed to say it and didn't want to direct it toward my DH. He's already concerned about other things right now. Thanks for listening anyway.
    The best is certainly yet to come and I will not be overcome!

    Desperate for Him,
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    Hi HR,

    You are not alone...I have not be able to find a doctor to help me with my pain for over 10 yrs. I don't know why it is this way - as the suffering is often more than I can bear.

    I use supplements are pain killers - grape seed extract, MSM and turmeric. There are also formulas like
    Zyflamend by New Chapter. Pain and inflammation are related and anything that can reduce inflammation often helps pain.

    God bless you and I hope He provides you with relief soon,

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