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    Hi all,
    My ex husband is refusing to let me see or talk to my daughter because I had to move out of the city where he live because of financial reasons. I haven't seen my daughter in over a month. Since then she has run a way from her fathers house,got her tongue pierced,possibly tattoo. She is now back home at her fathers. I just spoke to her father and asked him why he didn't have her call me on mothers day and he said at first "of she didn't" then he lied and said that he had told her to but she told him that she didn't want to talk to me. After that he yelled at me for moving out of town and said that there are cheap places to live where he lives. Then he hung up on me. I didn't have a choice but to move because our rent was increasing to 1500.00 a month and he was no longer paying child support. We only pay 1200.00 a month now for a house and we are
    behind on payments here . My husband just got his job back from being on workmans comp. for the last 8 months. We don't even have a bank acct.. And I can file for SSDI until the doctors have finished with the full diagnosing process. Also I can't drive because of my eyesight,arm/hand,leg numbness/weakness. We don't even make my ex . pay partly for gas to pick her up and that cost us 40.00 a trip to and from his house. We would be happy to pick her us but I can't even talk to her to schedule a pick up time. Plus they are telling her that I don't care about her and I not even sure if she is receiving the mail that I've sent her. The other problem is that she will be 18 next Feb. and not living with Christians . I know that the Lord can and will send people to her,I'm just praying that she will receive them.
    I miss her so much. This was the second time that my ex has done this. I know that they will reap what they have sown but I don't want my daughter to have go through it with them. I not saying that see is innocent but Who would try to protect their children.
    With all that is happening to my health I've been really thinking about death and God gave me my children to raise them in the Christian faith. To know about Him,to be saved,live a life hopefully for with God. She doesn't have that with her dad . And they don't care if I'm sick . Their tell her that I'm lying and that I have somehow convinced the doctors that I'm sick. They don't care about medical facts,blood test results,MRI's,x rays nope not any of it. All they want is for me to move back to where they live. And not to pay child support ever. Which is fine with me but I can't afford to live there.
    Well you can see the problem and my frustration. Please keep us in your prayers. My daughter needs help. But most of all she need Jesus.
    Thank you all for your prayers
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    I am so so sorry for the situation you are in and will pray to the dear Lord that he will watch over your daughter in making the right decisions and that she will have the willpower to call you so she can get the truth from her Mom.

    Again, please know you are in my thoughts and prayers Daylight.

    Love ya, Mickey
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    Thank you for praying for her. She is so deeply influenced by
    her friends,father and step mother. She is doesn't understand want she is doing could hurt her. I never thought that things would get this bad.
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    Praying for your daughter, and that she can learn the truth about your illness. That's terrible that they're lying about you, like that.

    Praying for your relationship with her to heal, and grow. And for God to bless all areas of your life.

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    I going to try to contact her again this weekend . I'll be in her area Saturday so I'm hoping that she'll at least come out of the house and say hi to me.
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    I'm divorced and remarried . My ex know that he is in the wrong but doesn't care. I am trying to get someone from legal aid to call me back but so far no one has called me. My guess is that it is because my daughter is 17 . I could have the police come with me to pick her us but that would be more drama than I would be able to handle. From what my ex says my daughter doesn't want to visit me because we live to far away from her friends . But that doesn't explain why she is not calling me .
    I believe that they are trying to force me to move back into there area . We wish that we could but it cost far to much for us and I'm not going to move my family into a gang infested area like my ex has suggested. He just wants me back there to "give them a break" as they have told me. I mean what father (who asked for custody) wants a "break" from their child? He just wanted custody to save his self 300.00 a month. He doesn't even spend any time with her from what she has told me in the past.
    augh .... I should let this bug me. I do trust the Lord but this has been a hard day . There was a death in our church family and everything seems huge today.
  7. kbak

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    I'm praying right now for you and your entire family for God's intervention!

    Many hugs,