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    I posted on the fibro board but someone told me this board is out here so here I am. I have fibromyalgia, myofascial pain syndrome, degenerative disc disease, arthritis, polycystic ovary syndrome, IBS, TMJ and acide reflux. I am a 41 year old single mother of 2 girls...ages 17 and 12. I get them every other week. I have been having a lot of pain issues and the past 2 days I was in the emergency room for migraines...another thing to add to my long list of ailments. I feel like the list of things right with me is much shorter than the list of things wrong. I'm in a troubled relationship but it's been better the past few days. I just always feel depressed and tired of dealing with this illness. I'm asking for prayer because "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me".

    Hugs and Love
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    It's so hard isn't it? You said it yourself, you "can" do all things through Christ, because He will..strengthen you. When you think you can't take any more. When you think, no one cares, He does. When you think, I don't care anymore, He does. He wants you to be a happy person. He wants you to watch. Watch for the good in life. It is there. :)) In between dr. office visits, hospital stays, there is good. Watch for them. Thank Him for them. When you are able to do for someone else, even if it is a seemingly small service, go for it. Nothing makes you feel better.
    I will be praying for you. I feel that you know in your heart, that there is always something good that can come from the bad. People look at you during your good days, and think of you as a great example.
    Keep that chin up..towards the Heavens. And smile. :))
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    sorry to know allu are going thru.

    i had IBs some years ago , it was a terrible terrible timefor me but igot
    better. it doesntbother me now except ifi eat chilli or greasy stuff.

    You will also get better. try relaxing or doing some kind of meditation.

    something to destress.

    will be praying for you.

    and your sweet children.

    God Bless
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    Thanks so much for the prayers. I am really struggling right now. The depression and pain and migraines are awful. I just want to crawl in bed and never get out but I can't. I have a job and kids and I have to keep plugging along as best I can. Some days I pray that my company fires me so I can get some rest. I know in this economy...that sounds insane but I'm beginning to wonder if I'm not starting to go a little insane anyway! :)