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    hi everyone: haven't been on for a while since so much has been going on with my family since the middle of august. we found out today that my hubby's dad may have to have a pacemaker,guess we will know over the weekend or next week for sure. plus today my daughter's best friends husband died from a heart attack,he was 38 and she is 28 please remember them in your prayers. i have been having my own health problems but trying to keep them to myself. went to my rehumy for my checkup and found out my sed rate is on the rise again,then went to my family dr. and found out i have a urinary tract infection. he also thinks something is going on with my thyroid,so he did and ultrasound on it and blood work. i have been feeling very tired and sleeping a lot.i know how it feels to be alone and not have anyone to talk to or friends who forget you because you can't work any more,not fun. my sons and one daughter-in-law live in pa along with my hubby's parents so we don't get to see much of good piece of news is our daughter-in-law doesn't have cancer,they can't have any children but she is at least healthy and that is what counts. sorry everyone really in a down mood tonight. hope everyone starts feeling better soon. take care and good night. biddy
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    ...and I'm not going to say to make lemonade out of it. Not appropriate nor helpful at all.

    Sorry that all of this is going on. I hope that the doctors find out why you are feeling so down right now...sounds like you have a "sleepy" thyroid.

    Just take care of yourself...praying for the others you listed and rejoicing that your DIL is healthy. What a wonderful report.

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    txs so much for your response. daughter spent most of day with her friend. they had no insurance so he is being layed out tomorrow and buried sun. they said he had taken a few mild heart attacks and then 2 at the hospital,little they could do by that time. take care and have a nice weekend. biddy
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    sue: thx for the reply and yes lemons have been coming our way since last month. our daughter spent the day with her friend today. they are viewing him tomorrow and burying him sun. they had no insurance health or otherwise. the dr.s said he already had taken a few mild heart attacks and by the time he went to the hospitl there wasn't much they could do for him. have a nice weekend and hope all goes well in your life. hard being sick. biddy
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    Hi Everyone: really need some help. we made it through my daughter's husbands funeral ok,sad and long day but she seemed to be doing ok. now i have another problem. i have been on synthyroid for 28 years,haven't been feeling good so figured something going on with thyroid again, there is but not what i planned on, i have a nodule on the right side of my thyroid, it is 2 centimeters, not sure how long it has been there and i have to go to a specialist on october 4th. gosh i sure will be glad when this year is over maybe next year will be better as far as health. inflamtion is also up on my ra so that isn't helping. thx for listening and any help and prayers will be apprecaited. take care all, going to rest. biddy
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    On to the next problem.

    I'm so sorry about this. I'm glad you were able to get an appointment with a specialist so quickly. Keep us updated on what goes on.

    You do need prayer right now, and I am praying that things will look up soon. Take care of yourself, please.

    I'm very sad about your daughter's friend's husband...he was so young.

    I hope that you will feel better soon. How is your husband's father doing? Have they decided if he needs the pacemaker yet? Hoping for the best.

    Thanks for your good wishes for my health...always nice to hear a nice word.

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    My hubby had a pacemaker/defibulator put in in the winter. All went exceptionally well. It was one of those 23 hour days at a hospital.

    jPrayers on your thyroid problems. Please take care and we will be watching out for you.

    Gentle Hugs to all,