Need Prayers and Hope

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Elisa, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. Elisa

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    I am not sure that I have ever been this hopeless and afraid.

    I am so weak.

    I have had a fever for over 4 mos.

    I don't think I can hold on much longer. I have reached out all that I am able.

    Please pray with me to the Father and ask Him for help.

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  2. Elisa

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    Thank you so much for letting me know that I am not alone.
    It really helped that you shared that you have felt this kind of despair too.

    Thank you also for encouraging me to keep posting and trying. I really needed to hear both of those things.

    Our Father must have told you just what to say - cause it really eased my heartache.

    God Bless you Sweetpotatoe!

  3. Elisa

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    It was so great to read your post again - I just had to let you know that. It is so inspiring to see how God and Jesus work to help - here on this message board.

    I am still fevered BUT I have had two one week periods of no fever. That has been joyous and hopeful for me.

    The despair is so hard and the path is long and I struggle so much. I try so hard too.

    I think hope is what I need the most. Also to increase my faith too. And of course to talk with others, like you, so I feel less alone.

    So thank you again for helping me...


  4. Elisa

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    I have had a fever over 5 mos.

    I had to wait months to see an infectious disease doctor - 3 mos. And I went to see him and he did an exam and then said He identified 4 issues. I asked what the issues were and he ignored me. He said "I will do blood work and see you again." I called him 12 times and left messages with his assistants (trying to be patient and believe) and he never returned my call. It was a very bad experience. He only ordered basic blood work - CBC - which I had already had. I get upset ever writing about it becuase it is so irreponsible on his part. He is at the Cleveland Clinic - I have seen many docs there are they are the worst by far.

    So sorry to vent I really needed to get it out. I try so hard to find help or an answer to this fever and I can't find any doctor to help me.

    Thank you so much - you are right The Lord is the Great Physician and I am looking to Him for help as I have found none here.

    Thank you for your kindness,