Need prayers for a friend, please

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    My friend's FIL is in the hospital, and may need to have a leg amputated. He is in his 80's so this is quite serious. His wife is not in great health either, and my friend/hubby have been checking on them frequently for quite some time. It's to the point that they will probably need to find NH care for them, and it's hard to face, as we all know.

    She also has a 6-yr. old "baby" dog who has cancer, and it's like a child to her, so is going through that at the same time. Please keep her/hubby/in-laws in your prayers through the challenges that face them. Thank you all so much**Jole**
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    Dear Lord , what a heavy load jole's friend is carrying and what a wonderful friend jole is to pray and ask for prayer for her. I pray that the FIL may have a restoration to his leg function so that he does not need an amputation. I pray that his circulation is restored and his leg becomes warm and healthy in color.

    Lord , I also pray for his wife , that she handles the situation well and her health doesn't deteriorate in the stress of the situation.I pray that in the event that this couple has to go to a NH that one is found that is like a real home and real family and the staff truly care for the residents.

    Also Lord, thank you for our fur-babies who bring so much joy to our lives. To have a dog with cancer on top of worrying about your human family , has got to be a great stress. Please let the dogs cancer go into remission and please keep the dog from suffering. If jole's friend has to make a decision to put the dog to sleep , please give her Your strength.

    I pray this all in Jesus' Holy Name
    Amen and Amen

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    What an acutely trying time for your friend and her FIL, MIL. And the poor little doggie too! I pray that the amputation may not be necessary, that both their health improves, and that the little dog too is healed.

    God Bless
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    I would love to hear about everyone is doing and if we can pray for anything else.

    In His Love,
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    saw this....I was gone on the weekend.
    So sorry for what is happening in your family right now. I can relate to the worry of NH care. Sometimes, it just gets to that point. Let us know about what they decide on the leg.
    I also know about having a dog with cancer. Working on that today. He's been doing well, until today, he was limping again on his leg with the biggest tumor. Poor guy wants to run, but can't. My baby is also 6 yrs. I'm doing the holistic food for him.
    Praying, for all of your situations in this family!
    Love, Cynthia