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    I didn't think that I would ever come on and ask prayers for me when it comes to being a bit on the depressed side. So much has happened in the last while. I haven't come on and said anything about my health going down. I just couldn't put my finger on it, just thought it was a flare up the last few months, or more, and kept thinking, I'll sure be happy when this flare passes by. I just kept on pluggin on. Well, now I know why. Remember I did say something about chewing ice. I thought I was ok, because I was taking my Trinsicon, every now and again. I've had problems with low iron since probably before the mid 90's, but I was diagnosed with it then. This dr. back then told me that I would need a supplement forever, and to take it. I haven't been real great at taking it on a regular basis, but I will now. My dr. now wanted me to come in when I called in for a refill on my Blood Pressure med. It had been 6 months, and he likes to take a bloold sample for a few things before refilling, plus check my bp of course and ask how it has been because I do check it once in a while between office calls. He decided to do a "lot" of blood work. My iron is low. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the high and best place to be..I am a 4. I looked up what low iron symptoms are. Hmm, no wonder I'm having problems with my eyes, my fatigue, my memory. It's been bad before, but I can't tell you just how bad it's been lately. Kind of embarrassing. Can't think of words. My doc wants me to get the shots, or do an IV...then, stay on that Trinsicon daily! I will. Plus, I'm on something for my high Chols.. Pray that my iron levels will get up again, and that I can be half way normal at When I looked up the symptoms, there was so much there I couldn't believe it. Glad my dr. did the blood work..he said it had been a while and he wants me to get my mammo, and then do a full health check up. I've just been going in for a while now for med check, or calling in. Or, going in for something that's going on. I like my dr. I've had him since the early 90's.
    Hope everyone is doing well. I don't always post, I do get to read some of the prayer requests, and even though I don't post, I do pray for you. Thank you for your prayers and thougths for me as, Cynthia
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    I have been having low hemoglobin myself . According to my doctor , 12 is normal for women . Mine is 9 , He was telling me about a woman with a 6 who was very ill and almost unconscious in the emergency room. It is a miracle that you are alive and kicking with a 4 !

    God has truly been watching over you . I thought my symptoms were bad , but Thank God , you will be OK now that you are back on the meds. I am so glad you will be OK now.

    I am so glad that you will get your other medical areas checked out too. This is truly a God Moment for you !

    In His Grace and Love, I will keep you in my prayers.

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    Wow, no wonder my dr. said he wanted me to start shots, or even an IV. I will go in tomorrow and try the shots first. I knew something was going on, I've had a hard time remembering things, and walking a straight line..sooo dizzy. I believe you are right..this is a God moment because of the way it came for me to have the dr. just say, let's do some blood work on other things, and not just for your bp med. Thank you for the prayers!
    Love, Cynthia
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    I am praying that you are doing better !

    Love, Holly
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    My sis in law who is normally so active and healthy told me some months back she found herself
    so foggy and absentminded, she found herself putting a bunch of dirty clothes in the fridge instead of the washing machine.

    On top of that she was tired and achy. When she got herself checked, she found she was
    dangerously short of the required levels of haemoglobin. She opted for the IV method rather than
    wait for supplements to take effect and said felt very horrible for two days...but later things
    evened out and I think she is okay now.

    A bout of depression can scare anyone...I hope you will completely recover soon and start feeling good and energised again.

    God Bless

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    Thinking of you, and hoping the IV's, and treatments are helping you.

    Hope you're enjoying your chickens :)
    and getting a lot of rest.

    Love, Judy
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    I decided to go with the Trinsicon first for a IV's, or shots. It seems to be going up according to another test. My dr. decided to do a lot, and I mean a lot of tests on me. It's a good thing he did I guess, he discovered my Cholesterol is high, did a bone density test, got a call back from the nurse saying I need to come back in for a discussion on what type of treatment to go on..and..the most fun of all lately...just had a colonoscopy yesterday! Yippee!! I was really worried about prep day, was afraid that I wouldn't make it through it..but I did, and I had it done, and yes, there was one polyp to take out. Waiting on resulsts on it...not worried about it. Just glad I did it, and it was found and taken out.
    My chickens.. :))) Today, my son found our first egg, had been broken and the egg yolk was gone! My first egg!! Darn. Not sure if it was done by the chickens, kind of doubt it. We have seen a mouse around the coop. (put some of that blue stuff out there for him, mean, but, I want my eggs.) Anyway, you know that I will be out there bright and early tomorrow to check and see if there is another one, and get it before anything happens. It was brown. :) A light brown. :)
    Well, there you have an update. Thought I would come back and let you that know me here, and have wished me well know how I was doing, especially since my last post was on the downside. I will probably come back here once in a while. I'm really enjoying the board that Wayne went to as well. I'm seeing some familiar names and faces there. I think it will be fun to go back and forth. I like being able to come here and talk about the Lord. He is my Savior, and because of him, I can enjoy life to the fullest, no matter what or how that may be for me... love writing that down and just seeing it there. :)
    Love to all,
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    I wondered why I had missed your original post and when I checked the date it was right after I had eye surgery. I'm glad that things are slowly moving better for you. People also have polyps removed during a colonoscopy and many times they turn out okay.

    Glad the chickens are doing well and starting to lay eggs. Take care and prayers for you for everything.

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    Thank you for the well wishes. I'm still having pain from having that colonoscopy, got on the net and found out I need to take care for about 7 days. No one told me that. So, will give it until Wed, then call either the hospital or dr. I'm sure I'll be fine, just didn't expect it to hurt when I bend over. Yes, it's around the area he showed me that he took the polyp. I'm not too worried, just sore.
    Rain, we went and got some Oyster shell today. I've also heard that milk is a good source, but we are going with the shell. And, I go out early to check before they can crush them. The shells are soo soft, and today, a real watery white. The yolk looked good, but man those shells are soft, I do believe I stepped on one, because I went in, and the stinks had just dropped them from their roosts. Then finally saw a red in a nest box. We are going to close them up more, with a big enough hole for them to get into, but to discourage them from wanting to roost. Scott made a new roost, one that wasn't as close to the nests, but the stinks were there again, so the last couple of nights I've been taking them out and putting them on the roost. They don't see too well when it's dark, so, they stay there. :) Also, thinking of trying the golf ball idea. Put a couple of them in their nest boxes, let them peck at them. We'll see. I think they will eventually get the hang of it, with my and Scott's help. We just need to do things right. Oyster shell, darker nests..and now since we found one empty, golf balls?? :p Good talking. I hope you both are doing well. Love, Cynthia
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    Thank you for the updates ! It sounds like you have fun with those chickens. My parents inherited chickens when they bought their house and they were big ladies ! They each laid huge double yolked brown eggs and all were a bunch of characters.

    I wanted to make a comment on this statement of yours :

    "I like being able to come here and talk about the Lord. He is my Savior, and because of him, I can enjoy life to the fullest, no matter what or how that may be for me... love writing that down and just seeing it there. :)"

    - AMEN !

    Take care , and I was wondering , is there an IM feature on this site , as I would like to ask you something more personal ?

    In His Grace and Love,
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    Prayers? Count me in Cynthia!

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    Chronic low iron also causes depression. Google foods and drinks that contain iron and low cholesterol. Omega 3 fish oil is also good to help with cholesterol. Watch your sodium intake as well.

    In your prayers ask to keep motivated on taking your meds and supplements and use post it notes as reminders.

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    See, I miss this place. I love coming on and being able to offer up prayers for others, and know that when I need some, they will also be offered up...I've missed you all. My iron is fine now. I'm now working on my cholesterol, and had the bone density test, needed to start something's been a while since I've been on here, so all I know I've already told you all this. :p Well, I just want to say thank you again, when I came on here, I saw some wonderfully familiar names..and thought, boy, I miss you! I'm pretty sure I will be coming back more often, if that is ok? Love you all, Cynthia