Need prayers for rain here in TX !

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Granniluvsu, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. Granniluvsu

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    First of all I am so sorry to hear of some of you having floodindg from the Hurricane and then the TS. Hope things will get better for you ALL soon.

    Sorry also to pop on here when things are getting bad, but I guess that is when we need God the most, don't we.

    Hear there have been bad in the area of Bastrop where they have already lost hundreds of home due to the wild fires.

    Now, there are fires much closer to us too and we have lots of trees in our area and on our property. I heard there were fires in Magnolia last night and creeping close to 1488 that is surrounded by trees andnew homes. My husbands Knights of Columbus building is in that area too. Not sure it is down that far yet . Just heard there have been lots of evacuations. I believe that they have lifted a few of them, not sure if all yet as the winds are not as bad as was yesterday. There were many wildfires I heard of yesterday.

    My heart goes out to all of you effected and know people personally affected by the storms in VT and upstate NY. Prayers go out to you all.

    Please also continue to pray for rain to Texas and other areas of our country in MUCH meed of RAIN.

    Love and God Bless You All,
  2. windblade

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    I have been watching maps, seeing those fires, and have been so concerned for Texas. I'm in New Jersey with our second storm. How I wish we could send you these rains!!

    I'm just going to stay with a relative on higher ground until the rivers are safe. And I will be praying for you, and your neighbors, neighborhood, and Texas.

    You are so right that we need God in our troubles - please don't ever hesitate to come here for prayer, no matter what is happening to whom. God is with us especially during our troubles, I believe.

    I'll be carrying your needs with me as I leave now. BTW, I enjoy so much reading the Porch posts - feel like I know you a bit from there :)

  3. Granniluvsu

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    for the thoughts and prayers. Every little bit helps I would say !! The winds at least have died down so I am sure that has helped some.
  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Thanks Rainbow for your "Prayer" and thoughtfulness.

  5. Doznclan3

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    You saying that the Native Americans do not feel that the Earth Mother is not angry, but feel it is more of a birthing process, a transition to another classroom.
    I believe it is a transition to anther type of this worlds being. A cleansing so to speak, for a very special time here.
    I also like what you said about prayer. As you all know, I do believe in God. And, I believe in Prayer. In my faith, we believe that we can ask, although, it is always according to God's will, because God knows better than we, what is best for us. And, I believe that life just happens. No one, no thing, is going to make it perfect for us. It's according to how we handle the things that come our way, that makes a difference.

    Now, to let you all know what's up with me. Because..:) I need prayers! lol...anyway, yes, surgery for sure. I need a nerve test first because my arm is so weak. Guess I could have two types of things going on besides bad discs. Mon. will be the nerve test..yaaaay, fun stuff, have had it done before.
    Then, they will look at that, the nurse P.that I saw yesterday will look at that, then have a talk with the surgeon, because he is out into March before making any more appts.! This nurse just smiled, and said, I'll have a little talk with him, and we will fit you in sooner. You are in pain...he says as he looks at the MRI images.
    Yes I am I say as I hold my arm on top of my head. Takes the pressure off of the back. Really helps. They see it often...crazy!

    Wind, I hope you can have relief from what has happened around you. Read in anther post of yours that the smell is bad. Yes, the sun sure can help with that..with open windows, dry things out better.
    Praying for you and yours as you make decisions as to how to handle what you still have to do.

    Jam, how have you been? Haven't heard how your health is lately? I hope you are feeling well. If I recall right, you like to play cards? Are you still playing cards with friends on a certain day?
    Have they gotten the fires under control in California? I remember hearing about fires there and in Texas. Then there is us. We usually have a pretty warm summer. We only hit a 100 or just over a couple of times this year. It rained sooo much clear through to the end of June! By then we are heading into the mid 70's, but we were still in the 60's. Now, we've been in the 70's, not bad for Sept., then next week, back up to the 80's..low. That's ok by me. I like keeping my chickens out in the yard and not in the pen area. When it snows, they have to be in the pen. The snow gets too deep, we have to shovel paths for the dogs as it is. :)
    love to all...prayers and thoughts for all..Cynthia
  6. Doznclan3

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    That's is great that you have respect for each of your friends, regardless of their beliefs. I think the word respect is one of the biggest words in this world for the very thought of having a peaceful surrounding.

    I want to ask you don't have to give it up if you don't want

    How old are you? I think you told us, but then there's that memory thing that happens to many of us here. I think it's great that you love your family enough to want to stay and have good times with them. I'm sure they want you here!

    I am really sorry to hear that your are also having so much pain. In the back, the tailbone. Ouch! Find that comfortable spot. I have a few, laying on my side for a while with my arm up, or when I'm standing, with my arm on my head..too funny. But, it helps with the pain. Takes the pressure/pulling off of the discs.
    You take care! Love, Cynthia
  7. Doznclan3

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    Aww, you are going to have some babies again. It'll work out. Mama can take of them. Then you will have more!
    I love my chickens. I love that I can go out and talk to my girls. I really like to think that they love than my treats! lol...

    Tell you what, I'll take those prayers, good thoughts, and healing energy...and I'll send the same your way.
    I go in tomorrow for my nerve I said, yaaay...I wonder if I will get results right away. These drs. are right in the same office area..Hope so. :)
    Love to you and all..Cynthia
  8. Granniluvsu

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    KEEP THEM COMING. Had some rain this afternoon, not a whiole lot but we have to take what we can get !! We MAY get some more this afternoon they say. It is all around us but you know what that means. They could get all the rain and us nothing :)!!

    Cynthia enjoy your babies (or grown up babies). Hope all went well with your nerve test. Sorry but I forgot who it was who might be having more babies :)!!

    Love to everyone !