Need prayers for surgery & also work issues--Please...

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    I'm scheduled for cataract surgery on Oct 9th and again on Nov 6th.

    This week I had my pre-op appt with my regular primary care dr and she says I need to plan on no work for at least 3 days--taking into account for having Fibromaylgia too.

    I don't have 6 days of leave time available but my supervisor told me to send her an email explaining my situation and then she will talk to the management team to see if they will allow me to take this time off.

    My health insurance is through my husb's work and the business has been slow--so I really want to have the surgery now while I have insurance.


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    and it will all be a memory...Take good care and positive thoughts going your way. Let us know how you are doing when it's all over..I have a lot of friends and family who went thru this and all is good with far I'm saved from this.... jam
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    were talking about cataract cures and mentioned coconut water...

    google coconut water cures cataracts

    Interesting info and good to know....maybe CO water can cure cataracts....
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    on cataracts and a testimony from an online friend who saved herself from the surgery.....jam