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    Sometimes I sit around wishing mt life could be like it was 20 years ago, being younger, more energy, happier home life, etc. Having my Dad alive gain, our talks were always so helpful. I am lucky now that I have my Mother, shes a true saint. But I am feeling much better since getting on meds again and joining this board. Thanks everyone. But still my life is so hectic, work all dday, go home, my wife doesnt feel well, I try to comfort her, and I do pray for her and us, but things havent changed for the better yet and I know the Lord works on his schedule. My wife has from 8am till 2pm everyday to do things, but nothing around my house gets cleaned, oh the everyday things do mostly, dishes and clothes, but I wonder what she does with this time year after year. Our fights arre generally about housecleaning. I've grown tired of fighting over this. But at 2pm she waing for kids to get home or running kids to gymnastics three days aweek and I take my son to soccer twice a week, in others words we do alot of running kiddos. This time of year is hard on us. My Wife generally helps kids with homework each night. I really want a relationship with my wife again, but we've been to counslers in the past and nothing changed.

    Someone over me advice on the house, now there are boxes everywhere, piled up, shes a pack rat, we have two 10 x 16 building full of mostlt her stuff and house always gets filled up again. This is ever room except the family rm and kitchen. I have prayed to Lord to help me accept this, but after so long ,it starts bothering me again. While I was trying to get my depression and anxiety under control, this didnt bother, but now the old things are back bothering me.
    What should I do?

    I know I'm as much to blame in our relationship, but its like how does a person keep living like this!!. Shes a yeller, and I'm not. I can discipline/talk to the kids and get them to do their homework and cleanup rooms, and help with chores. But everytime I've this for the 19 yrs we've been married, my Wife steps in and makes comments, in front of the kids, about how and what I'm doing. I don'y yell, I hardly ever have given spankings, maybe 3 or 4 times each in their lives. But they do what I ask of them. But I've given up trying to discipline them because of my wifes comments and Her and me end up fighting. I'm not a fighter, never have been. I end up not talking afterwards. She yells and yells. Shes yelling at the kids all the time, they give her a hard time, the 10 yr old twins just give hect, they do their homework in the evenings pretty good, but she has always helped the the 16 yr old to the point of reading his books, him listen, and get him to answer the questions, she writes them down, to me its unreal. God only knows when he goes to college, is my wife going with him.

    I'm so sorry to grip here, please forgive, but every once in a while I gott get i out. mY WIFE HELPed me thru the summer with my mental health. But she will not take care of herself. Shehas migraines, the meds help that, she had under active thyroid, which she takes meds, depression, shes on meds for that, And she had taken that Weight loss pill that they have law suits about now, shes in that, went to their doctor and that has her worried. It seems it never ends.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, pray for my wife mostly, but please pray for me to.

    Thanks , Danny

    My wifes name is Janna
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    You might not believe this, but you were on my heart this morning. I even went back to your daily prayer post from yesterday and started a reply that I did not post. Now I wish that I had posted it. I was merely asking you how you were doing and how things were going in your life...the reason I did not post, was because I was afraid that I might offend you and you might think that I was trying to impose. This was not my intentions at all, but sometimes a person does not know how their good intentions might be received. A lesson that I have learned this day is to trust your heart and trust your first instincts.

    I am sorry for all the problems that you are going through now. I do understand. I have been there myself. Griping is a plea for help Danny, it's ok. And I know I'm not speaking only for myself when I say that I'm glad that you ask for help because that is what we are here for. You have been there for us, now we will be there for you!

    Lord I ask you to be the mighty counselor in Danny and Janna's life and in their marriage. Give them both strength and peace to carry on in the face of their troubles, Lord fill both Danny and Janna with your love thus giving them patience during this trial in their lives. I lift Danny and Janna up to you Lord believing that you will ease their burdens and help them carry their heavy load. This I ask in Jesus Name. AMEN.

    Danny I am believing and expecting a blessing for you and Janna.

  3. danny3861

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    Thanks very much. You are kind and thoughtful.
    Thank also for the prayers. God bless you.

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    I wish i could give you some advice. My husband is a pack rat also. His office just piles up with papers, boxes, junk, ect, for months till i break down and clean it up, i swear i will never do it again, but i always do, he always promises he will help keep it straight and he never does, and he always ends up the same way. Most of the time i can deal with it, i dont like it because i am not that way, i like things nice and tidy, (you should see his shop, OH MY) but i guess we are all made different. I guess the only thing i can offer you and the best thing is PRAYER. I will be praying for you and your wife and your whole family. I havent been on lately because i have been sick, going through tests, starting tomorrow and next week. but i wont forget you and your family. you bring so much to this board,i couldnt possibly forgot about u. God Bless You Danny, mama
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    Just letting you know you are still in my prayers! Hang in there and you will see that things will get better! I am having a "moment" right now myself, having a bout with family problems, can't sleep, can't think straight, can't even seem to pray right! But, I am not gonna give up, I know that this burden of mine is only a temporary setback and I know that I am not alone in this. It is hard, when troubles come our way, but I have faith that this burden will soon be lifted, carried away. I am still believing on God's Word...
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    Thanks everyone for all the prayers, it truly comfprts me.

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    Oh Danny - This is just in the middle of my 10Am prayer hour [of the boards 24 prayer chain] - so right now I offer up prayers to our Blessed Lord.
    I have never been able to memorize prayers, etc - so if you will excuse me for a minute - I will go to my Bible - for what I have in my heart - and want to say - but can't remember the words...........[The Bible falls open to the page]: ROMANS'S 8 VS 26 & 27 "AND IN THE SAME WAY ---BY OUR FAITH---THE HOLY SPIRIT HELPS US W/ OUR DAILY PROBLEMS AND IN OUR PRAYING. FOR WE DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT WE SHOULD PRAY FOR, NOR HOW TO PRAY AS WE SHOULD: BUT THE HOLY SPIRIT PRAYS FOR US W/ SUCH FEELING THAT IT CANNOT BE EXPRESSED IN WORDS. AND THE FATHER WHO KNOWS ALL HEARTS KNOWS, OF COURSE WHAT THE SPIRIT IS SAYING AS HE PLEADS FOR US IN HARMONY WITH GOD'S OWN WILL" [from the children's Living Bible 'paraphrased'].

    Danny - I will close w/ the prayer that I have memorized: "Lord I bring Danny's needs before you - in Faith Believing THY WILL BE DONE". Amen & Amen

    May our Lord and Savior Bless you - and your family.

    Hugs - 'granma'
  8. Sandyz

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    I praying for you and your wife.
  9. Sunrise

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    Danny you are blessed with a lovely family. I will pray for you and your wife to take time for each other. The Lord has put his hand upon you and your family, he is there for you all. Family life can be tough but oh so joyful. Take care, things will get better for you and your wife and family, simply because the Lord is with you. Blessings and prayers, Sunrise
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    And Janna, Danny. Let me tell you that I have a husband that is also a packrat, but low and behold in the last few years (we have been married 31 years today), he has changed!

    He has started to throw out, give away, and haul off the things he usually keeps. There is hope for the packrats Danny!

    It is hard to live with, believe me I know.

    I also am a collector, but its books, dolls and the things he brings home for me that I can't throw out, give away, or haul off as they are gifts from him and his coworkers!!!

    I could get on E-Bay and be a rich woman in a few weeks :)

    I am also an orderly person, so its my fingers that just 'itch' to throw things out that I do not want anymore.

    But I did learn that things do not make a happy life, its people that you love that are important.

    I did have to smile at your wife going to college with your son, that was cute.

    All my children are grown, and have their own homes, so things have calmed down now between us. We are not fighting about the kids anymore, well, just once in awhile :)

    I will be praying for both you and Janna that the Lord will intercede and give you both peace in your life with one another.

    God bless, and keep you. You sound like a great guy.

    Shalom, Shirl

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    Your wife sounds like quite the character! I think I have the male version of her! But, he's good hearted, wonderful and helpful and understanding of my fibro problems. But at the same time, he's got piles of lumber, pvc pipe, old appliances, more lumber, ladders, everything you could imagine a carpenter type to have--all over the yard. After 20 years, I've just given up and accepted it! I prefer neatness, but I wouldn't give him up for a minute. His gruffiness can be fixed immediately with a joke or a smile because he's really a puffball of love. He just likes to "carry on." Just remember why you fell in love with her and remember that she's probably got a laundry list of things that bug her about you, too. I hope y'all are laughing and having fun by tomorrow. You've gotten enough prayers for that to happen for sure! Jo Ellen
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    This is my first night on this board and I have seen you post on every post I have read thus far. All of your posts are great. You must be a very caring, sensitive, and all around great guy. Marriages can be filled with it's trials and it's joys and right now you are both going through a trial. I pray that things will get better for you and your wife and that you two will get much closer than you feel you are right now. You and your wife will be in my thoughts and prayers.

    God Bless,