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    Can no one help us? I'm so tired of fighting system!!! I'm a 51 yr. old female. It took me 3 yrs. to get diagnosis and another 3 yrs. to get approved for disability. During the first 3, I got fired from 13 jobs just trying to make ends meet while I was searching for answers to my health problem. I also got behind on child support by $8,000. They added another $10,000 and (still climbing) INTEREST. My ex receives $464 month from SSDI for our 17 yr. old son. One judge said I should get credit for this towards back child support and current child support, but another judge came along and changed itand says I owe $18,000 plus lots of interest that's still accumulating! I got turned down by Legal Aid 3 times saying they can't help everybody. I can't afford an attorney. I probably can't get a loan because my income from SSDI is only $929. They can deduct 65% of that which will leave me with about $300 month to live on!! What is wrong with this picture?? What can I do? I'm about ready to call it quits on life. I can't afford to live. My ex is a B_____d (You fill in the blanks!) and just want to hurt me and he is!! My faith is dwindling!! Anyone have any advice? I am a good Christian person who should have never The system is killing me!!! TJ
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    TJ, can't understand a judge who would have you pay such an amount for child support, especially being a woman.

    You do need a good attorney, there are some who do take cases like yours for no fee.

    Will keep you in my prayers...

    Shalom, Shirl
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    Stop and take a couple big deep breaths. Now lets get started, first lets talk lawyers... there are people who can help you pro bono ( free for a good cause).

    Talk to a womens shelter or just start calling to see if any are willing to do some pro bono work. They do it all the time.

    The initial consult is usually free. Explain your situation and ask for HELP!!!!!! There is nothing wrong in asking for help and lawyers do have a heart and a family and understand how people are abused by the court system, they can help you.

    Please do not do anything crazy, God has a plan for your life. I know you do not see it right now but you will.

    Fight for yourself and God will be at your side fighting also. Write to me when ever you feel the need. I will be here for you.

    Right now I'm saying a pray for all of this, but remember you have also met a friend. Praying for you. De

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    I am asking God to intervene for you, that he will guide you for legal help, encourage you, and to bring you comfort. Please don't give up. I know that it seems like everything is comming at you right now, but it will get easier. God will make a way! Love and prayers, Tam
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    I pray you get resoltion and can move to the future instead of the past. Your life has to be pure frustration. I pray that God will lead you to either advice or a person who can truly help you legally. I really am clueless in how to advise you. Good luck.
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    I'm sorry to hear that *you* have to pay child support.

    Wait a minute, are you telling me that you are on SSDI and having to pay child support now?

    You do need a good attorney. I can't believe that you can even live on what you get much less 65% of your SSDI being taking away from you.

    There are a lot of things wrong with this picture.

    I feel miserable that I have no answers to help you. I'm praying that someone will come along with a solution for you. My heart goes out to you.

    Look for help from other religious organizations, like any Jewish ones too. Don't just stop at Christian ones.

    Hugs and many prayers,
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    Will sure be praying for you!