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    Is there anyone out there in my situation? I would appreciate any help? New to the board. THANKS!!!

    I have Fibro/CFS, Depression and Anxiety and Panic I have trouble taking medicines, I go back and forth with sensitives. I go the Holistic route. I wondering is there anyone out there that can give me advice on getting pregnant and raising the child. My husband works alot. I would have to do most of the work. I am close to being 40. I am scared with my health problems that I won't be able to handle it because I have a hard time with everyday life.

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    I was pregnant with fibromyalgia and gave birth at 39.

    It was hard but definitely worth it. I'm assuming you don't have to go to work but can stay home with the baby, because if you have to work and take care of the baby, I personally think it would be very difficult.

    The way I was able to get through my pregnancy was weekly acupuncture, massage, and exercise. Also, if you are currently not working, I would suggest getting out of the house, because staying at home by yourself can be depressing. I did work while I was pregnant up until the day I delivered. I was not on any drugs while pregnant.

    I did have a problem with depression the first two trimesters. I did use a light box; that seemed to help as well. I would also try to get help when you bring the baby home.

    Hope this helps. Having a baby is the most wonderful thing in the world and I hope you get to experience it!!
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    I'm & have had all of my children whilst suffering from cfs/fms. I have had depression in the past, & also suffer from anxiety.
    I am unmediated, but am allowed a small dose of diazapam if things get too bad.
    Pregnancy was very hard on me & very hard on my mind & body. That said I have 4 beautiful children. Childbirth seems to be one thing that my body does well.
    But my husband has to do a heck of alot. There are days when I literally cannot get out of bed, so he has to get the kids up, feed them, dress them, make their lunches & then get them off to school, all before going to work late.
    If he wasn't able to do that I don't know what I'd do.
    My body doesn't cope well with pregnancy. I had hypermesis with the first two (chronic all day sickness,) & then had bad morning sickness with the next two. This alone would utterly wipe me out & I was unable to do anything. I felt bad for the kids I already had :(
    I have seriously thought about having another child, but the thought of being bed bound & my hubby having to quit his job to care for me & the children holds me back, big time.
    Do you have a support network?? If your husband is going to be working all the time, then you are deffinately going to need other support, ie: family & friends. You may have a wonderful pregnancy & a very easy baby, but on the other hand you may not & for this you will need help.
    But it can be done. It comes down to weighing up the negatives & the positives, truthfully & then making a decision.
    ~*GOODLUCK*~ with it.

  4. gwool

    gwool New Member

    Sorry! Just found post new to this board. Thanks for all the respones.

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