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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fwm, Oct 30, 2006.

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    Haven't posted in a while, but do drop in some to read and learn. You girls are great - terrific information........I have yet another problem. I have been battling FM for four years - my doctor says while he does not doubt that I have this, he won't "diagnose" it......took matters into my own hands.....he does give me pain meds to deal with my problems, but no diagnosis.....anyway, on the 20th of this month I was rearended at a stoplight going home from work. Now as if I didn't have enough problems with my on ailments, my husband's illness, etc, etc, now I've taken a really hard hit to my neck and back - my worst areas. I went to my doctor who wanted me to wait two weeks since I already have so many problems in this area, then we will do a series of tests. Her insurance company is all over me because I told them I have existing problems with my neck and back.........right now I can hardly move, and if I DO anything out of the ordinary, I feel crippled. Anyone had anything similar? I don't want to take anyone to the cleaners over this, but mercy, I have had ENOUGH problems the last 4 years coping with this and now I feel like I am back at square one, with someone who is not going to be willing to pay my medical to get me through this. How do I get through this? My husband is sick and has not been able to work since July, so my load has been large since then. I feel like I need to be at home resting, but I came right on back to work, feeling terrible - but I need my job. I know her insurance company is going to say I am not that injured because I kept right on going........but what do you do when you have NO CHOICE? I come to work, go home and get on my heating pad.....guess maybe I should get a lawyer to handle them and stop worrying about it.......any advice? I feel terrible, yet I am at work. Sorry to whine so much......
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    Hi, going after her insurance isn't going to affect that driver one bit. Her rates are going to go up regardless.

    They are just trying to intimidate you, or they are going to if you persue with it.

    Insurance is one of, if not the largest Evils of the world.
    Never has there been another business that makes an enormous fortune, other than banks, that make money out of thin air, just paper and a promise. A promise they don't keep, but your money they do.

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