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    Hi guys,

    I'm Jen and I was diagnosed with Fm and arthritis 2 years ago. I recently went back to work, I did really geat and was offered the management position in the audio book store after 2 weeks. It is a really enjoyable atmosphere, but my body could not handle it. I went to part time and stepped down. I experienced Fibro fog for the first time during training, it was really scary, and I also fell one day because my legs went out. A shelf of tape cassettes fell on me and I landed really hard. I didn;t tell the company that I have Fm or Arthritis, I was afraid of not getting hired like in the past. Seems like no one wants to hire sick people.

    What really makes me upset is how my home and family, I have 3 boys if you count my husband, really fell apart. I was so exhausted, bone achingly tired and still unable to sleep, I feel like a failure. The only good thing to come from this is that I now know that I am physically incapable of working a full time job, I can see my limitations. I have had to have injections of lidocaine twice in the last month, nothing really helps.

    Does anyone know of any programs available to help provide training or any benefits for us? I worked in the food and beverage industry for 11 years before I had kids, I know I can't return to that kind of work. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks, Jen
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    I wasn't sure from your posting if you are still working or not. Also, every state has a Vocational Rehabilitation Program. They are suppose to help you find a job that you are capable of doing and will also let you know what type of accomodations they could make so that you could continue to work. If they find that you are incapable of working that would help you when and if you file for SS Disability benefits. Also, if you are or are not still working why can't you file a worker's comp claim for when you fell at work and the tapes fell on you? This is your right to do, it's what we help pay for out of our paychecks for workmens compensation benefits. I don't blame you for not telling your employer about the FM or anything else health related. You don't need to tell them, and they are not permitted by law to ask you either. Maybe you could get more information by looking up the American with Disabilities Act and also contacting the Arthritis Foundation. I hope some of this helps, good luck to you.

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    Silly Me!

    I am still working, I stepped down as manager and I am working about 15 hours a week now. Thanks for the advice, Jen