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Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by getridof, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. getridof

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    After a few days being calm, I get into confusion and fear again.

    These days I kept reading some articles from a website which was recommended by a Christian friend. Basically the articles're people's testimonies. After I read several of them, I felt bad and my mind is full of fear. I guess my faith is.....totally wrong. In those articles, they said we should pass all burdens and difficulties to God. God will give us an answer or solutions. We have to be patient, because the answer/solution may take a long time to arrive. And the answer/solution might not be what we expected. Some of the articles also said during the time of waiting/suffering, we MUST trust God. No matter how hard we feel, we shouldn't feel anxiety. It's almost a SIN (that's what the article said), we shouldn't have fear when we have passed everything to God. If we fear, then that's the wrong way in faith and we MIGHT NOT get any help from God (I hope I misunderstand this).

    Everyone has different characters. My friend and his wife seem to have strong faith naturally. and they "always" receive "good messages" from God. I know many people have this gifts. But frankly, I don't have this gift. I can't help to think things in a negative way. I do fear even when I pass my burden to God. If this is a SIN, I got nothing to say. Someone might say I choose to think and act in a negative way, not from God. But I just want to say who wants to stab himself? Who wants to light a match to burn the skin? I can't help!! I keep thinking these few points and I feel sad.

    I read self help books. They always said people need not to be perfectionists (especially who have depression) or they'll live in a stress way. But as to be a Christian, we MUST become perfect people according to Bible standard.

    I'm not sure whether it's right to post this message. Perhaps God is very unhappy. But people who are weak in faith and have suffered for a long time (like me), they're helpless They almost doubt everything.

  2. Asatrump

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    I am not one to philosophize and I don't claim to have answers. Perhaps you need a "break" temporarily from everything you can which is adding more stress to your life.

    I am thinking to make your days as simple as you can. I used to anaylze every detail until I sometimes lost my original intent.

    Father in heaven I ask that you give comfort, and a daily peace to this woman. Let the sun shine through into her soul.

    Please make her life less stressful and complicated, and weave over her a soft blanket of comfort and love.
  3. caffey

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    Take a breath. I am going to try and answer this the best I can for you. I agree with the first part of your post to where you said we must trust God. God says we just have to have faith as a mustard seed. Which is about the size of a pin head. I have come to learn that God is the constant factor in my life and He is the only person or thing that doesn't change in all the chaos and confusion around me. If I don't trust Him who am I going to trust? He never changes and is the same yesterday, today and forever. He also says that He is not a man and that He doesn't lie. What He says He will do but in His way and His timing. The next part of not being afraid and if we are it is a sin and we won't get anything from God. I totally disagreee. We are human and we are going to be afraid. It is that fear that brings us to God to lean on Him for strength. He gives us peace in our situations and anyone who says they are not afraid at one time or another is lying. God loves you so much. He wants you to come just as you are with all your fears and anxieties and lean on Him. The more you talk with Him and lean on Him and trust Him the fear will decrease. God is pleased with you and loves you unconditionally and nothing will ever change that. The Bible says that we are to think on good things. You should try and start to look for at least 1 good thing every day. Try not to focus on the negative. If you can get a copy, read Joyce Meyers the Battlefield of the Mind. It is excellent. We will not be perfect until we get home to Heaven. When we trust God He shows us how to live our lives. Father I just ask that You please give this person a revelation of how much you love him and that Your love is constant and that He doesn't have to earn it. Please bring Your peace into the middle of his circumstances. Please help him to see the good things in life. Please bring some good positive people into his life that can support him through this time. In Jesus Name Amen.
  4. getridof

    getridof New Member

    Hi Asatrump and Caffey,

    Thank you for your prayer. By the way I'm a man not a woman, so when I read Asatrump's prayer, I smiled (that's so good to smile. I keep frowning and fighting my stomach ache these days).

    And Caffey, I sincerely wish your prayer for me come true. I guess I really need someone positive to support me. And yes, I definitely want to see good things in life.
  5. tlayne

    tlayne Member

    That Jesus loves loves you NO MATTER WHAT!

    That you CAN NOT earn his love, grace, acceptance, or salvation. It is a gift all you have to do is to accept him!

    That the more you know him and his love for you, the more free you will be, and the more you will what to be pleasing to him. This will JUST happen as the Holy Spirit works in you! Ya Hooo!

    Please KNOW that you do not have to believe in yourself or your faith, but believe in him, his love, and his power and might!!!!! Please see what the size of a mustard seed is. It is tiny and you do have that much faith, or you wouldn't be here! Know God's word and STAND on it, claim it! It was written for YOU!

    Getridof, I will get back to you tomorrow with some scriptures. I have a headache tonight. I just felt I had to touch base with you now, but I will be back tomorrow! Love and blessings to you! Love, Tam
  6. getridof

    getridof New Member

    I think I'm overwhelmed, I just can't help though. I decide to stop reading those testimony articles temporarily. I think I'm too stupid to get the RIGHT message from them. These days I kept feeling religion was such another new burden on me, you can imagine how bad this feeling was. Sometimes I also hope I can write some testimonies like others but...I don't have any. It seems that people can bring out testimonies very easily so that must be something wrong with me, that's why I feel I believed in a false way. By the way I dare not to let my friends know I'm a Christian. I don't have any good example to show them.

    Tlayne & Sassy2, wish you both well.

  7. Asatrump

    Asatrump New Member

    Sorry Sir and not her. Know that God loves all of us. In spite of ourselves. I hope better days are headed your way.
  8. caffey

    caffey New Member

    give you these glowing testimonies they are usually only telling you half of the story. If you look at my profile you will see that my motto is a real faith in a real God in a real world. Some days we are hanging onto God by our finger nails. He won't leave us. He is right there beside us. Just picture Him holding your hand. Try to find one good thing every day and give thanks for it. My opinion for now is to put away the books, tapes, articles and just read your Bible and learn how much God loves you.
  9. tlayne

    tlayne Member

    I haven't forgotten you. I have been in alot of pain today. Please pray that our good Lord will deliver me of this pain that I am having in my jaw. Read my post and others under has God intervened for you. I hope they will bring you hope and encouragment. Love, Tam

    P.S. Do you draw the pictures in your profile? If so, you are very talented! I see in your latest that you are nearing the surface! That is good, when you finally reach it you will be able to breath! You are on your way! Praise God!!!!
  10. Jana1

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    I am not an educated person when it has to do with God...but I do know God and I know He loves you and me just the way we are. He made us to be His family and that is the way to approach God, exactly as you would a loving person who cares for you and wants to spend time with you.

    Please don't think you have to be perfect to be a Christian. None of us would ever make it. The Bible teaches us that God loves us is spite of sin..just exactly like we are at this moment.

  11. getridof

    getridof New Member

    Hi there, I have to thank you all for the replies. I'll keep them all in mind. Quite a great relief to my problems. Thanks.

    Dear Tlayne, yes, I drew the picture for my profile. I'll try to update it depending on how I feel. Hope I'll make a sunshine, happy picture for myself later.
  12. lovethesun

    lovethesun New Member

    or earn God's love.It's human to feel anxious.It's not a sin to be anxious-God made us this way BUT he's always there walking beside us.All we have to do is take his hand. Linda
  13. goldenrule

    goldenrule New Member

    Please forgive me first because I skipped through a lot of the replies.

    However, I just wanted to throw something out there. Fear is a natural instinct and a protection/defense mechenism.

    You can trust your fears to God and trust in God is a seperate issue from fear. Just because you have a natural fear of something, does not mean that you do not trust God. It means that their is a WARNING signal going off in your brain about something.

    Now please don't confuse this. There are unjust and unGodly fears; and, fear can overcome and consume your life if you let it. It all depends on the fear and how you handle it.

    Just pray on it. I find somehow God always gives an answer as to what his viewpoint is on things.

    Hope that helps,

    Love in Christ
  14. getridof

    getridof New Member

    Hello Goldenrule,
    It's so good to receive your message, which might be from God (I'm not sure) because my faith starts to fall again. i was so frustrated and exhausted yesterday when I prayed.

    And then I received your message. Do you think it's God's will by sending a message to me through you?
  15. goldenrule

    goldenrule New Member

    I don't know. Only you and God and your heart know that. I prayed on it and wrote what I felt God wayed heavy on my heart. It is funny you should mention this reply. Because I can't get this particular thread out of my head. Things keep coming to me over and over.

    I mean I keep thinking of times of fear in the Bible that if they had not had it and listened to God the course of history would have been changed. For example, what if Miriam had not listen to her fear and left hime with in the Nile? What if Mary and Joseph had not listen to the fears of the King wanting to kill baby Jesus and took a different route? There are so many examples were fear has actually helped in God's work and carried out his will.

    You really got me thinking about it. I think we get wrapped up in being "perfect" Christians and forget that God uses our imperfections and natural instincts for his will. God gives us many natural basic instincts. He choose them for a reason. We just have to pray for God to send his Holy Spirit and guidance to know how to use them for his will and not get wrapped up in our own.

    I always pray that God give me the words to say and that anything not of him fall to the wayside.

    Keep hanging in there. God has great plans for your life. You just might not know them until you see him face to face.

    Sometimes things don't make sense. But who says they has to?