need some good reciepes

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by sixtyslady, Jan 21, 2007.

  1. sixtyslady

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    I"m trying to lose weight and joining w/w.but I no longer eat prepackaged foods, so any good reciepes would really help me.
    I"ve lost 5pds and just need some new ideas guys, thanks
  2. Lynna62

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    I just bumped an old post for you that has LOTS of good ideas. Good for you on the 5lbs!!! You go girl!

  3. Cromwell

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    Ryvita and rice crackers and cakes can be spread with many things including veggies.

    Baked potatoes with filling.


    Homemade soups. Lentil and carrot with ginger is good.

    Curry's are very filling and I make veggie ones with hardcooked eggs for the extra protein.

    Take any veggies and add onion, garlic, Patakis curry paste(I only use one teaspoon, don't follow jar directions), curry powder to taste. I add sometimes crushed tomatoes too, just simmer them all together till everything falls into a curry and serve with brown rice.

    Often the "fillers" in prepack foods are what add calories, things like cornstarch and potato starch and of course all the added sugars.

    I do think baked spuds are so easy and good for you too.

    Love Annie Cromwell (I am trying to lose too right now as I gained 20lbs for no good reason recently) I lost 3lbs up till now. Oh Agave as sweetner instead of sugar.
  4. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    anymore ideas out there?
    well try the suggestions,I love veggie, but can't eat them unless there cooked, so thanks for the ideas I"m going to try them.
  5. sisland

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    I Hate Being on a Diet~~~~~~ But Have No choice with this DD and other things like all the reasons Not to get obese!,,,,,,,,,,,Tips i can pass on that work for me are~~~ Only whole grains,,,,,,,Lots of raw veggies and fruit~~~~~~Very lean Protiens~~~~Fat Free everything! Fat Free sour cream mixed with the ranch dry mix workes for veggie dips ~~~~~~~~~~juicing, oatmeal~~~~~~Not much Dairy ~~ just the Fat Free sour cream ~~~ I think the biggest thing is what they call Councious eating,,,,,,Always make sure to use portion control and try not to eat just to be eating for no reason!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I Have found that lean protiens are the best hunger control Device's also i eat alot of Bean soup that helps alot too!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Sorry didn't mean to rattle on but hopefully some tips here will help you!,,,,,,,,,S
  6. elliespad

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    Fajitas, REALLY EASy, If you have the energy, use boneless breasts and cut in hunks or strips. If no energy, buy the tenderloins and use them AS IS.

    In olive oil, cook chicken breast strips and strips of green and red peppers. Toss in a bunch of garlic. Fresh chopped if you have energy, or if no energy, crushed from the jar.

    Heat (fat free)flour tortilla and fill with chicken and peppers. Top with fresh chopped jalapenos and salsa. If no energy, use the jar jalapenos. REALLY EASY. AND DELICIOUS