Need some Help Burning Thighs and a bulging disk

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sfrazier, Aug 12, 2006.

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    Hi everyone I'm in need of a little information before I go to my doctor on monday. I know that I have a bulging disk in my lower back and that the front of my leg starting at the knee and working it's way up my thigh to the hip and then on to my lower back is my symptom. The doctor also ordered some weird tests. The first one was they put all these little electrods on my lower leg and then started shocking the lower legs. The front ones hurt but when they got to the side ones I had more pain laying on my hip then I did with the little shocks. The I had a doctor come in and put a little needle in my upper thighs to measure my muscle waves.

    Does anyone else have a bulging disk and had any of these test? I know the doctor is looking for a pinched nerve but if he finds one then what and if he doesn't find one once again then what? If anyone has had these tests what should I ask about and what should I be worried about if anything. Someone please help......SueF
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    the doctor is checking the continuity on your nerve.The little shocks give readings on his meter panel.If something has problems with the continuity,he's found it.Linda

    I have 3 bad discs.
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    bbb bumping. lol
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    I have 2 discs replaced. L5/S1...the other is C6. The surgeries have come a long way and are less invasive, quicker and the replacments are much more advanced. The pain is horrible. It doesn't get better.

    Get a 2nd opionion. Don't be shy, you are not offending a doctor, it's YOUR BODY. YOUR LIFE. They work for you, remember that.

    I was fortunate that my first one was the same one #69 on th Bronco's had done, Mark Schlereth...we know him and he talked to me all about it. Just remember if you have to have it replaced, the pain you fill at first will get better. Rent a hospital bed that has the elecrtic up and down, you will happy you did. It helped allot in my recovery. Be patient in your progress. I'm extremely impatient. I asked Mark and he said I was doing very well, especially for not being an inshape pro-athlete.

    And make sure you have help for at least 2 weeks. Have neigbhors make dinners, tell your church, have a friend organize it so it's one less thing you have to do. Laundry is the same. Make sure all your laundry is done ahead of time. You will need to walk, but not lift. Just plan ahead and you'll be fine. Don't be afraid.

    I'm here if you have questoins.
  5. sfrazier

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    boy Star do I have questions. My first is. is operation the only way to get rid of the pain and the burning feeling? Second I can't even sleep in a bed my hips hurt so much that I sleep on the couch it has more give then any bed in my house. Did you have the surgery because you had three of them and one burst. I go to my doctor tomorrow and if he says surgery I'll go with him. This is the same doctor that I have been seeing for fibro and he is the one that said the burning and the pain in my thighs and hips was not normal. I'm sure he will refer me on but they work with arthitis and all of that good stuff. My other problem is I have two teenage girls. Now you would think that it would make things easier but trust me 16 and 17 and both girls is not easier. In fact i think it makes my life a lot harder.

    The other problem is that my one friend has an anxiety disorder so she finds it hard to get out of the house some days she also suffers badly from depression and she just sleeps but who knows if she knew I was going into surgery that might be what gets her out of her bed and out of the house to help me. Actually when I think about it everytime I do have a big problem she is there to help me.

    I know I'm juming the gun here maybe by a lot but I'v never had a bulging disk and I'm nervous about it..........SueF
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    BBBBB Bumping
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    I am hoping that I will get a few more replies now that it's the week again. I think during the week more people are on line so bumping again for more help or replies. Thanks......SueF
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    in my lower back due to disk damage, L4-L5 and L5-S1. I have cages, rods, screws and plates in my back because of the damage.

    I'm sure there are a lot of things going thru your mind right now. Fear being one of the biggest.

    Do as much research on doctors in your area as possible, I only wish I had followed my gut feeling with my first surgeon (he botched a lot of things) but we won't go into that right now.

    They may be able to send you for physical therapy to help with the bulging disk. The reason you are feeling weird pains in your leg is that you obviously have a nerve(s) that are being impinged because of the bulge. Nerves can do many things to your legs and feet.

    Don't wait around on this, the longer you go with the impingement, the bigger chance you have of it causing permanent nerve damage and believe me, because of my experiences, I have permanent damage and it's a b**ch.

    I'll answer any questions you have, and try to lend you an ear when you need it. There are alot of things I have learned over the years because of an injured back.

    Gentle hugs to you and post to me any time.

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  10. sfrazier

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    Well went to the doctor and while I do have a bulging disk apperantly it is not pinching any nerves so they have refered me to a pain clinic I have a feeling for stronger pain meds and they were talking about a possible epehderal (sp). I had one of those done when I had my daughter but not real sure how long they last or if this is just a quick fix for the pain. Guess I'll find out Friday cause that is when I go to the pain doctor. Thanks to everyone that answered. Made it a little bit easier. Oh and no surgery was even mentioned. Thank god.

    They did give me papers though so that I can get a handicapped sticker. I called in so the papers would be ready when I got there. Anyways to make a long story short I was expecting to just get a temp on but enstead they gave me a perminate one. It was nice to be able to get one but it was a little had for me to take it that this pain and stuff were never going to go away. That was kind of a downer. At least I know where I stand now. No in a very good spot as far as I can tell. Oh well once again life will go on. Thanks again to everyone that answered and to the ones that just bumped I appreciate that too......SueF

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