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    hi all, i am going to see my lawyer on this thrusday, because my claim was disapproved. i am drawing a blank
    on different tests that can prove fms, or questions i need to ask him. any advice would be very much appreciated. hoping you have a good daay thanx kim
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    hi there. welcome to the board! i am unaware of any blood tests for fibro and am under the impression that there aren't any "official" tests except for the one for tender points. Dr. Starlanyl's book, "Fibromyalgia & Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome: A Survival Manual" says the official definition of fibro includes "the presence of unexplained widespread pain or aching, persistent fatigue, genernalized morning stiffness, non-refreshing sleep, and multiple tender points. MOST patients with have 11 or more tender points. But a variable proportion of otherwise typical patients may have less than 11 tender points at the time of the examination." years ago, my then rheumatologist took notes on my symptoms, ran a blood panel that eliminated the possibility of other illnesses with similar symptoms, and did the tender point test, and voila, said i had fibro. if you have been denied for disability, there is lots of experience in that area on this message board. if you don't receive the help you need with this posting, start another one that includes the fact that your claim was denied in the topic title.
    best wishes to you. hope things go well.
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    I was denied several times. I finally did read the guideline on the SS web site. There is guide lines for doctors too (read this one too) This helped me. I was trying to get it on FM, not going to happen. It is not one of the diseases that will get SSD. Now CF is one. They also were not interested in the pain I have. They really wanted to know how it has changed my life. I get so confused when I try to follow directions that I get lost often. I am in so much pain that I can't do my favorite hobbies let alone housework. I hurt so bad that pushing a shopping cart is something I can hardly do. On the day I do feel good, I try to get some work done and then I can hardly move for two weeks due to muscle sorness. Sometimes I can't remember what day it is. That type of stuff. Make sure your chart has your symptoms documented, make sure the person checking you in lists them on your chart. Bring them a list to copy and try to include them all. My list included: confusion, pain in (I listed everything that hurt), trouble sleeping and # of times I woke up nightly, headaches, no energy......on and on. There is some info on the internet but you really have to dig for it.
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    Hi, Your lawyer is gonna retrieve all of your medical history and findings. You need a thick medical file. He'll find out which judge you will be facing when date set and hopefully he's had some experience with that judge (you see a judge if you've appealed twice) I don't know your circumstance but if you've been diagnosed with all on your profile and you've been unable to work due to that and you've been keeping appts and treatments. Don't know how on earth you can financially hold all that up without benefits, your lawyer will probably say your in good shape. What's this talk about having to see a shrink for your case?
    I won my case on cfids , any chronic illness will tend to make us feeled depressed, due to the illness, maybe that is what your lawyer wants to determine or due you feel you may have yet anyother diagnosis to come? Anything I may be able to help you with just holler, I'd like to see you get on your feet, even us sickies need some independance, even if you have a great boyfriend to support you!
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    Hi Kimkane: I used to be a nurse case manager and researched
    tremendously and recev'd SSDI on my first try. First of all, Steve Harris- Attorney in Arizona, has info that tells you tips on getting it. He stresses that you should have a neuro psych test done for determining your level of depression, anxiety, or any other reason for short term memory problems - fibro fog, etc. That test was the main reason I got approved the first time, with fibro, chronic myofascial pain syndrome, fatigue, etc. I also had antibody deficiency, diabetes and hypertension. However,what my husband wrote about the changes in my lifestyle were very important. I think they approved me because of a positive neuro- psych test- that is an objective finding, as compared to subjective ( words of how you feel). I also kept a pain diary, and gathered all of my medical records myself and sent them in myself. I think they sent for Dr. records to rule out fraud- but my Dr's notes were the same of what I mailed in. By doing that I cut at least 6 months time. I also bugged all Drs to send in what they wanted ASAP. I was pretty aggressive.

    Also you do not have to attend an IME- independent medical examination that SSDI wants you to. These Drs are paid to deny you, and they always do. Have your attorney write them a letter stating you have reliable, qualified Drs and do not need to see there Dr. I used 3 Drs to document my conditions. A primary care, a psychiatrist, and a immunologist ( who is good with fibro people).

    Above there is mention of what they are looking for on the SSDI info for Drs. I copied that and made sure all of the bases were covered by my Drs in there charting. I also recorded for Drs the things they were looking for and that became part of my chart- good luck- you may already have an answer-as I believe your appt was today- SJ