Need some help: What is septic penumonia? What can cuase this infection?

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    I was admitted to the hospital the twenty second of december with septic peumonia> i have no clue as to what this really means or how it happened so fast> All my Symptoms felt like a bad fibro flare. My ribs ached so badly and it hurt to breathe. But I had no clue as to how sick I really was. I can't get the doctors to tell me what this septic penumonia really is. I have looked it up online and don't really get an answer,. I have read that spetis is a blood infection but that does not help me with telling me what septic penumonia really is. I am scared as my heart rate was so high and the heart meds I was given made me ache so badly and feel like I was dying. I have never been so terrified in my life. I spent 20 hours in ICU and another 20 on the medical unit with oxygen on at all times and a heart monitor as well. I have now been taken off all 02 and get to send back my coincentrator today. I have many questoins about this and I wanted to know if this type of penumpnia could cuase heart conditions as pericarditis? I hvae asked my GP and didn"t get a great answer>
    i have been home fore almost a month and am alot better but my ribs still hurt when i take a deep breath< but that could be due to poor air quality and extremely cold weather as we are haivn in utah now> it is minus nine degree"s right now> i have been wearing a mask every time i have left my house and i wear it when i go to the store as i don"t feel like my immune system is back to normal> and i don"t want to get this again> it was the most terriring experence i have been thru ever>
    please help me to understand this illness better> i am so confused and still scared>
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    this to you, did you do your search about it. That's where I would go first, MD and the search on dr. google...

    Please break up your paragraphs, it's hard to read your long comments....jam
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    Sorry to hear that you have been so sick.

    It is likely that they meant you had sepsis as a complication of pneumonia.

    Your Dr should be able to tell you what kind of infection caused the pneumonia and the resulting sepsis.

    Saying a prayer for your healing.

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    Sepsis is a term to describe the infection when it reaches the bloodstream. First you developed infection in your lungs which caused the pneumonia. Then the infection moved into your bloodstream as a complication.

    It sounds like you are doing much better and will take some time before you are back to normal. Pneumonia can take a lot out of you. I'm glad you are doing better.