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  1. chainsweb

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    Hello everyone.

    I was wondering, if anyone else is having the same issue as me. I have had fibro for 3+ years, but this year it is extremely worse than any year I have had.

    I am no longer able to do things I used to do, I cant do most activities if they last longer than 15/20 minutes without causeing myself to have extreme pain. I am so exhausted, i have lost the desire to do anything anymore. While my husband just cant wrap his head around the idea that I am sick. He knows, we go to the dr together, he helps me with the house, the shopping, everything, but you get that look.. Im sure some of you understand.

    Cant do the food shopping anymore unless its a quick trip.
    Cant do house work, cant do my beloved veggie garden,

    I just feel as if I am falling apart more so than the years past.

    I am 43, on Gabapentin 1500mg per day and Nortriptyline 50mg at night, then my pain meds 4-5 times per day and it still isnt feeling like its enough. My doctor has suggested me to try pool therapy 3 times a week, yet of course the first appointment isnt until september... Lets not forget about my "blonde moments" while I suppose some call it Fibro fog, I cant rememeber the simple things one moment and cant remember a friends name ive known for years until some time later in the day it dings in my brain..

    All i want to do sleep now, and I still work. My doctor hasnt said anything about disability, but I dont know how much longer I will last. Ive called off work so many times my boss is to the breaking point but has been very understanding about my diagnosis, (thank god)

    Is this what Fibro does? Or am I just at an out of control stage with it? Im 43 and feel 85.

    Any suggestions or help would be wonderful.
  2. Janalynn

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    I could've written your post. Literally.

    I am still hopeful. I have to be. My days run into the next. I certainly don't feel like I'm "living" - and not each day to the fullest. I would say that besides work, this past week, I've done nothing. ZERO energy, too much pain, no desire. I'd be happy sleeping - but of course, who can do that all the time. It sounds like depression, but I would honestly say I'm not "depressed", and that's why I do/feel the way I do, it's the other way around, I'm on a slippery slope of becoming depressed because of this.
    (I don't think that last sentence made sense...but you probably get what I mean)

    I swear, this is the biggest mental struggle I've endured and like most of us, I've been through some tough times in my life.
    Thankfully I have the most incredible family who is nothing but supportive, but that doesn't stop the guilt and other horrible feelings I deal with.

    I am beside myself with the daily pain. Lately the fatigue has been worse than ever, even though I am finally (usually) sleeping through the night. (Thank goodness!!!!)

    I try to take one day at a time. That's really all I can do. I try to enjoy something each day - no matter how small. I TRY to cut myself some slack and not expect so much from myself all of the time.(that's a hard one).

    I wish I could help you more. I just had to let you know how similar I feel.

  3. marti_zavala

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    Sorry you are so sick. I have been there but I now better. This illness waxes and wanes. It can go into remission too. So don't lose hope.

    You may be just experiencing the side effects from the medication. I know you need it but just be aware that you may not be "sicker", it may be fatigue from the medicaation.

    Pain medication makes me very sleepy and tired and unmotiviated (i take tramadol which doesn't do that but it is not very effective for some people.

    You may have ME/CFIDS on top of your fibro. It is common, some docs feel they are the same illness, some feel that are just related.

    If you search the board, you will find help for things that are pressing or feel free to let us know if we can help you.