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    They did a stress test it was ok, now what the hands a feet feel likebaloons ready to pop and hurt swell I have me- fm. mcs is there anyone that has faced this it is a weird feelingtight puff tingley If you can give any clues I need it now thank you MOM
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    Did you have this at the time you were in the hospital ? If so did they have more testing done?

    This sounds very painful, ouch. Could it be poor circulation , if you didn't have this while in the hospital maybe best you see your doc again very soon. This could be very serious.

    i hope all gets better real soon, please don't put this off you need medical care.

    Wish you Well

  3. momof27

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    yes I had it that's why they admitted me but after the stress test let me go I was in Calif. and live in texas
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    sorry to hear about hospital. I was going to post today about where you were.

    I would say get to your doctor. I did read in Dorothy Walls book we do this but you need to ck it out. Do you have any other symptom with this? Fever? could it be water retention?

    call doc and take care