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    I went to my rhuemy on Friday and I took along ten pages of wonderful research provided by the web site...I go in, get weighed, have my blood pressure checked...wait a little while, the rhuemy walks in..Asked me how I am. Told her I was a mess..Only sleeping 3-4 hours a night and was sooo tirrreeddddd. Pain was somewhat manageble at this time, but the sleeplessness was causing me great concern. I told her about all the research I had done and mentioned some different treatment plans I would be interested in trying. She neglected to even go there with me...Told me she would prescribe klonipan for sleep and not to feel sorry for myself? What the h*ll was that?

    Someone want to explain that to me??? Both her and my PCP can kiss my ARSE! What is wrong with these people???? I am at my wits end..With no hope in sight!
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    I don't know how they can become doctors. You know the ones with the bedside manner of a poisonous snake. If you are anything like me you hate going to the doctor, because you are made to feel like you are a slug or something.
    Doctors are suppose to be caring human beings. Don't get me wrong I know there are some wonderful doctors out there. I am satisfied with the doctor I have now. But I am 43 years old now and I went through a period of at least 15 years where I never went to the doctor. Maybe that is why I have so many problems now.
    I offer my prayers that you can get the kind of answers and doctoring you deserve.
    Have a better day,
    Vickie C.
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    Geez, are you and Carol (Teller) going to the same rheumy? Find a better doc. The good news is that Klonopin has been a miracle drug for me in terms of sleep, anxiety, tinnitus, and sensory overload. Seems it is possible it even disrupts the pain signals in the brain, so it may act as a pain killer too. Studies are underway regarding this theory.

    Love, Mikie
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    What dosage are you on? I have been put on .5 which only allows me 3.5 hours of sleep....Any ideas? And, whay would someone who sees FM patients tell me not to feel sorry for myself? It's not like I have given up on life...?