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    I have found that I have become very fatigued lately. I use to walk but found that when I did I was tired for the next day completely. Has anyone else found a way to deal with fatigue. I have also found that sometimes my knees give out for no reason is that part of CFS also? Today my whole body just tingles and feels exhausted, I am new to this CFS stuff so is that also a symptom? Is there a doctor out there that actually deals with CFS? My doctor has sent me to a different doctor but I am not sure if he deals with this or not. Is there anyone out there that is also from Canada I would be interested to know. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi KloeT4 - Sorry you're not feeling well. My knees hurt too some times. Don't know if its part of fatigue and pain from FMS or arthritis or trying to do more than I should in one day. Sorry to say I don't know of any doctor who can reall solve the CFS problem. I know that doctors tell us to walk and exercise, but there is a fine line (at least for me) about how much walking and light exercise I can do without precipitating an attack.

    You're not alone..........take care....Member
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    I am from Quebec, Canada and have not had much success with my doctor, other than ruling out other diseases/disorders. I understand there are few docs in fact that deal with this illness, but I beleive they are rare. Yes, your symptoms are certainly familiar. You will find plenty of info here.

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