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  1. Eve612

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    Hi All,

    Since this DD is ongoing & there is no cure, I am wondering if anyone has any success in relieving some of the symptoms, taking specific products? My main areas of distress are no energy & getting restful sleep. Doing the smallest chore leaves me breathless.Does anyone know of any products to improve energy or sleep without taking drugs? I took tranqulizers for a while, but stopped, because I didn't want to get addicted.
    Thanks for any ideals!

    "Tired Eve"
  2. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Many here have had good results with the ZMA sold on this website. It helps with sleep which also helps with energy. Go to the Store here and you can read more about it. Shirl takes it and hopefully she will come along soon.

    Love, Mikie
  3. Eve612

    Eve612 New Member

    I started taking ZMA a few years ago & for a long while it worked well, but no longer does the job, so was wondering if there were any other remedies for sleep or energy that I might not know about...

  4. DeeBee

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    Hi. I take 10 mg of Melatonin at night and it helps me fall asleep and stay asleep. I've been taking it for about a month. Dyphenhydramine which is an antihystamine found in Benadryl and over-the-counter sleep aids works well if you use it once in a while. It's probably not wise to take it every night. But, I'm not a doctor or pharmacist so I don't know. Some people have success with Valerian. It's a plant-based supplement. It has a nasty odor though (even the "odorless" products). I tried it for a while, but it didn't help me sleep. And my husband did not like my breath. Some people take Dramamine, the motion sickness pill, for occassional help getting to sleep. I never have, so cannot attest to its usefulness. It probably isn't healthy to take Dramamine every night either. I try my best to stay awake all day. Then I sleep better at night. Of course, as you know, this is not always possible. I am constantly exhausted and have been for five years now. One supplement that has definitely improved my energy level is DHEA. I take 15 mg in the morning. It has increased my energy about 20%, which is better than nothing. And it worked immediately. I take this with my doctor's approval. He is a great doctor; an M.D. in Alternative Medicine and a member of ACAM (American College for Advancement in Medicine). If anyone is looking to change doctors, I would highly recommend an ACAM doctor. You can find a doctor in your area at their website: I have also learned that it is important to take some supplements in the morning; others at night. Some supplements interfere with your sleep cycle, or are generally stimulating and not wise to take at night. One last thing, cammomile tea (organic if possible) makes me sleepy and it tastes good too. It loses its effectiveness if I drink it every night. But, if I drink it two or three nights per week, it helps me fall asleep. I hope that some of this info is helpful to you. Best wishes for a good night's sleep.
  5. Eve612

    Eve612 New Member

    I guess so far, I'm doing about all I can...I take Benedryl once in a while. Those are the nights that I sleep. I haven't tried Melatonin, but I have tried the chamomile tea. And I do take DHEA, but so far no improvment in energy. I know I'm getting old, but I just hate feeling this way, where everything you do is such an effort!
    I'm wondering if any of the products in the store here work very well for these problems. I notice that they have things for sleep & energy, such as NADH?

  6. Applyn59

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    Hi Eve,
    I have the same problems. I do take meds and i still
    can't sleep. Have just added benadryl. I am not
    sure, but I don't think it is a problem to take nightly.
    Every dr. tells patients to take that when they can't
    sleep. I have read that 300mg is the dosage for FMS!
    I cannot believe that. There is a dr. who writes a column in our local paper and he always says to
    take 100-200 mg of benadryl. The most I have taken
    is 75.

    Things that have helped me in the past with
    energy but then stopped:

    1 Bovine colustrum symbiotics
    2. Vespro GHS (sold here)

    They both made me sleep better.
    I stopped colostrum when I had to have gallbladder
    removed. When I took it again, it didn't work.

    The GhS supplement was wonderful. The vespro
    people are so kind and caring and knowledgeable.
    I loved it and when I stopped it after three months.
    at their recommendation, it stopped working.
    They said they hadn't had that happen to anyone
    Hope this help.
  7. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    Have you tried the ZMA from Pro Health? Its the original SNAC product. It has been working for me now for over a year. I tried GNC's brand, but it had no effect on me at all.

    I am taking two capsules about 10pm at night.

    I also take 3 milligrams of Melatonin right before bed, it helps me fall asleep.

    I do take a 0.25 milligram of Xanax, but I take this at 7pm, and do not go to bed before 12 midnight. I don't know if this is really helping too. Thats almost 5 hours before I go to sleep.

    I also had Valerian Root help me sleep, but I am allergic to it. I slept like the dead, but woke up with a horrific headache in the morning, not worth it.

    I used the Valerian Tea, it does smell bad, but if you put honey in it at least it does not taste bad too!

    Hope you find what works for you, my whole life changed with the ZMA, and drinking water everyday.

    Shalom, Shirl

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  8. Eve612

    Eve612 New Member

    ....for all the suggestions. I already do quite a few of them. I drink my 8 glasses of water every day. I also tried valerian, but it made me feel too weird, like I was hallucinating, so gave up on that. I do still take the ZMA too, but I haven't tried the melantonin, so maybe I'll give that a try. The only time that I sleep more than six hours, is when I take a Benedryl. I am going to have to check if it's harmful to take one every night...My problem also is, although I sleep, I guess it's not the "deep" sleep that you need to have energy the next day, as when I wake up, I feel "leaden" like my arms & legs are weighted down, takes me all morning to get moving. I also take colostrum & spirulina, but so far have not found anything that helps me to have any "oomph" anymore. Maybe I will experiment with some of the products in the store directed for energy.