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    hello, my name is Lynne (ME) and I live in New Zealand I have been on this before and tried to talk - how ever I have not really written much.
    I do or would love to chat to someone on a regular basis once a week or something like that, I have tried to get a support group up and running in my home town - only wackos come out of the wood work and want to have me run around after them and that's not what I was looking for.
    I am a very positive fibromyalgia ( have all the same as most of you all.
    this week I had a clumsy day and fell and sprained my ankle real bad and it is taking ages to heal lots of lovely bruises on my arms and legs YEA! just what I needed.
    I have a very special husband who takes care of me, however at times he just wants to run away too......
    not me the fibro.
    I have had it for 6 years ) more than likely longer than that.)
    we have two daughters living here who are just coming to terms with my Fibro ( been a long road).the other two older ch,n are good.
    yip! get sick of the hello ( hows your legs ) that's what is wrong with you isn't? !!!!!!!!!!!
    I go Aqua jogging three times a week and have a massage once a week ( two later on).
    this all helps but my lazy boy, cuddly blankets , fluffy sox , hot water bottle and heating pad are my very best friends lol....

    I make cards for other people and send them to cheer them up, so that in turn makes me feel good, as I am doing something worth while.
    I use to be the most fittest person around and now this ARRRRR!!!!!!.
    I have my faith and that keeps me strong - but people are so busy these days they just cant wont or what ever (DON'T WONT TO KNOW) attitudes and I feel sorry for people like us .
    I do have an opportunity to do an article in the paper sometime to hopefully get others to understand how we feel.
    so that is me .. if anyone one there wants to talk to have =funny ,positive,helpful caring person please TALK TO ME TA cheers love and blessings to you all ME
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    I like your attitude, doing something for others making you feel better.

    I don't get on the board often and when I do, not for very long and it's hit or miss what threads I drop in on to read. Always afraid I am going to miss some great information though.

    Water exercising is one of the best things we can do for ourselves. It helped me so much and I am a certified instructor teaching 4-5 classes a week.

    For 25 plus years I have been at this as a diagnosed fibromite, like so many suffered years before. I'll be 62 in June!

    You are lucky to receive those massages every week!!!! Good for you.

    Fondly, June

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    hi lynne, welcome to the board. I really don't talk to many people these days--like you, sick of the "how are you today--are you any better, etc." well meaning pleasantries, but i get sick of them.
    i have my sister, a few others that email me stuff that i haven't read in over a year (my kids can't believe it have over 700+ unread emails) then i just delete them, i just would rather get on here and read about others or talk to others to get some tips on this--helps to share in this DD!
    anyway, i don't usually "one on one" and can't type fast enough to chat, but if you see me on here, feel free to post and say hello, and maybe we can move over to the chit chat board.
    i suppose i should but i just don't like to talk to anyone much these days, except my dogs, pathetic, isn't it!!
    glad to meet you, i would like to hear about new zealand, sounds like a really cool place.
    have a great day--L
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    It sounds like you are doing lots of good things to help yourself! I go to our local Y when I can to use the pool, its one of the only times my body feels near normal and I love it! My faith keeps me going also. I know that I may not understand what I am going through, but its not about me its part of the bigger picture. Church helps alot. I'm glad you have a supportive husband that means alot, I do as well and feel blessed because of it. Welcome, you will find lots of support here.

    God Bless
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    This is so funny I Just got up and the first two things that came to mind this morning were keeping a jounal and doing a positive deed for the Lord like sending encouaging cards.

    Im like intunjune in that I dont respond on the board as much as I would like too and I go in spirts of coming on and catching up a bit.
    I want to be an encourager I always was by nature people used to say to me "How can you be so happy all the time?"
    Ive been really going through a hard time lately so Ive been down, but this morning I woke up with this posative feeling. I think someone must be praying for me.

    I used to do the water exersise class with the older folks but it got to be too hard on me. The water temp was too cold too and I would end up in spasms after and it killed my back.I would go one day and be layed up for 2 days after.

    I heard there is warm water theraputic pool around here and I planning on looking into it.I really want to try to get some muscle tone back and my heart needs it.and it would be good to meet other people so Im mot so isolated.

    Im going to write a letter to hand out to folks i met or know that tells them about my condition briefly right off so I dont have to here "are you better yet?"
    I have FMS,CFIDS/MFP/ and Chronic lyme disease. The lyme disease has aged me like 10 yrs in 1 yrs time.

    I am 48 married 18 yrs and I am always told I look like Im in my late twenties. Now I dont know I think I look more my age and then some.But Im very petite with long dark hair and I try to look good just for myself to pick me up ya know?
    I've always tried not to look like I feel.And I try not to show how I feel.I like to try to be happpy and give an encouaging word where ever I am even if I'm feeling like death warmed over..

    I really love the Lord too but lately I havent been going to church because its too hard to get ready and the kids end up fussing and by the time we get there I want to turn around and come back home. There have been many times I have gotten all ready to go and as I am ready to go out the door I put my bible and purse on the counter and say I just cant go because Im too exhauted,and in too much pain to go.I feel like my faith is slipping away at times and then I'll feel a little encouragement from the Lord in my spirit and I know in my heart he is still with me.

    I used to be very involved in childrens and womans ministry and sang in the choir.I had started a children chior at our old church before I became progressively worse.

    I was thinking about calling my pastor today to talk to him about how I feel and why it is so hard for me to come to church. I cant remember peoples faces or names and that is so embarrasing.I thought mabey someone could great me at the door and help me make some freinds in the church. People dont want to be around someone wobbly walking with a cane,forgeting words ,or not being able to put a sentance togather at all. Its probably embarrassing for them as it is for me.In sevice when we sing and I raise my hand to the Lord and I cant help but cry and people around me just dont understand I Love Him so much but why hasnt he aswered my prayers for healing and I reach my hands up and close my eyes Im at one with Him and I just want to reach close enough to touch the hem of his garment and be healed.

    Your post this morning was just what I needed. I need a freind and I am moving in a posative direction. I am a posative, helpful loving caring giving person also. I just happen to be very sick.
    I also Love to sew, craft big time, scrapbooking and cards and bok marks too,I look at some things I'm about to throw away and think I can make something with that, I do bead work like making earing and necklace sets when my body allows me too.

    How old are yuor chilren. And WOW 12 grandbabies and yes MMM and a little itty bitty one. I know you must be loving that. I hope they live close enough that they can visit often.

    I have two children 9& 12. Both we adopted at birth from a woman who ws a herowin addict and not menally stable. She passed on those skitsophrenic genes to my children and so I have a great struggle on my hands with them. And I have no family and since we moved I have no freinds because I am so Isolated and because I litterally can not remember people. People think im stuck up because I pass people I know that I know from some where but cant remember there names or where I know them from. It
    is so embarasing.

    Im glad you have a great supportive husband. I could not have made it this far without mine. He sound just like your husband.Giving caring loving wonderful man who has handled many of my rants and has not run out the door yet:)

    Im sorry Ive gone on and on if you want to be freinds mabey we can go to the chat board and meet up.We sound so so much alike I would love to get to know you more!

    Mabey you could read some of my old post and get a better Idea to know a little more about me and I'll do the same with you Okay.

    I really need to go for now but please do lets be freinds.
    Im going to get around to doing my bio and put up a picture. Ive been on this board for so many years and for personal reasons I havent done that. But I feel safe enough to do that now.

    I appologisse for the terrible spelling.Thats the memorie thing. I used to be able to very litterate and gramaticly correct now I am so terrible I just hope people understand.Its like the way I talk now forgetting words and stumbling and ramling. SO SORRY Please understandans forgive me.

    Well Blessings to you and All your family ~ Sally
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    hi there, great to hear from you all and thank you.
    yip I do understand the spelling thing me was a teacher of special needs lol and now hahaha!!
    it is very hard for us all and although I don't have extras with Fibro I do have osteoarthritis and that is from wear and tear when I was a aerobics, bodybuilder and all that stuff a few years ago . like 100 )
    I am 58 this year ( where does time the time go)
    i will have eto get my hubby to help me with the chit chat as I loose focus at times then me brain forgets what I am doing and stuff the whole thing up ( I am a source of entertainment truly).
    this is wonderful and I have cross another bridge by being vulnerable and writing this ( yea! for me)

    New Zealand is a wonderful place although I don't think Lot's of us ready do appreciate it we have or ups and downs like most countries and the government is trying to do the best they can they are after all only people and we have to let them do what they think is best sa most of us put them there ( drat's) haha..
    the land is devine and so many places where you don't see anyone for miles.
    Alan and I use to hut, hike,fish etc real tomboy stuff but class not anymore as I can't funny that! we just have to tame it down as I sit in a chair and read abook while he goes hahaha although hunting is out - we are getting him a charter boat fishing trip soon...
    we are both on an invalid's benefit and that is an other story in its self ( man song we have stories....
    I had better sign off and get ready for Church one thing I am not giving up although I do feel like it at times...
    bless you all and I will write back blessings in your lives do what you can and enjoy that even f it is just a small something love and blessings ME
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    Hi Lynne!

    I don't post much here either and, like some of the others, read posts sporadically. I'm glad I stumbled on yours and would love to correspond.

    I've been diagnosed with Fibro since 2002, but know I've had it much longer. I'm 43, married, have two teenagers, and work full-time. I was working a part-time job as well and volunteering at my Church, but just can't do all that anymore or at least not right now. I've had a really hard time accepting this illness and sometimes blame myself for it. (If only I'd done this, done that, exercised more, etc.) I wouldn't have fibro. My family has a hard time with me because I seem to be tired and grouchy all the time, when I really AM a positive person for the most part.

    We have had a rough few years. Three job losses, MAJOR medical bills (including major surgery for my husband last summer), a teenaged boy acting like, well, a teenaged boy, conflict in our Church which resulted in many of my friends leaving, and then Hurricane Katrina.

    18 months ago I was in really bad shape. I am finally able to cook for my family and take goodies to older people which I love to do. I love to cook and am a really good cook.

    I don't know about you, but I hate how this illness has made me stupid! (Not really, but fibro fog does make you feel that way!) I have always written very well and been able to think well on my feet. It is much harder to do that now. That is the worst part for me.

    Sorry to ramble. I tend to do that sometimes.

    I would also LOVE to hear about New Zealand. I love to travel. Unfortunately I can't do much of that now due to financial challenges.

    My faith keeps me sane. For awhile, I wasn't sure that I could even have faith. I got so tired of people telling me that I must have a lot of faith if God was letting all this happen to me and things like that.

    Anyway, write when you can. Hope you and your family have a happy and blessed Easter!

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    try the chat room its the greatest.
  9. greatbarrier

    greatbarrier New Member

    hi there is it me or WHAT i can't find chit chat trying to do it without asking for help from me man lol...blessings Lynne
  10. greatbarrier

    greatbarrier New Member

    YEA! for me I got chit chat and did not have to ask my man - read how to do it three times then got ( lot's a noodles) it clicked ( oh dear !!!! blessings Lynne
  11. greatbarrier

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    hi there momof471.. Thank you for your reply :
    New Zealand is a cool place - we have the most beautiful scenery. New Zealand is made up of 3 Islands the two main ones north and south. we live in the north one, our city is called New Plymouth in Taranakai it is by the sea close to a big Mountain and lovely bush.
    If you do not understand what I am saying please ask.
    People in New Zealand are in general very friendlyand generous to others. we are getting alot of ganges and murders etc but I think that is due to sign of the times more that anything else.
    we have lots of different races here and I for one think that is so cool..
    we have lot's of country that some people have never been to and beaches where nobody but ones self on it.
    I hope this is ok for now and I will answer any questions you want to ask..
    be gentle on your self this week - we are celerbrating easter this weekend.. where are you up too! love and blessings Lynne
  12. greatbarrier

    greatbarrier New Member

    hi nice to met you, yip i know how you feel it is good to talk to people who understand how you feel without explaining !! yea!
    New Zealand is a cool place we live in a place called New Plymouth Taranakai it has the sea one side, Mount Taranakai on the other and lovely bush places in between so we have everything here I think I will get Alan to write about NZ as he can put it in a way that makes 1, sence and 2 interesting so I will have a talk to him. I think you guys are sleeping while we are awake and the other way round will have to figer this out..
    it is lovely to have a sense of humour with this Fibro or I think I would go shoot myself ( really NO)......

    Hope you have agood day week is it Easter there yet??
    time for me to hit the hay and hope I sleep love and blessings Lynne
  13. fmfriend

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    Just had my own sunrise service in my livingroom looking out my front winddow.Absoluetly gorgeous veiw.

    I want to keep meeting up togather. Are you going to the chitchat where you have to type fast to respondback and forth or is it the chat message board?

    Let me know so I can join in.
    If anyone else wants too their welcome.

    Happy Easter~ Blessings Sally
  14. greatbarrier

    greatbarrier New Member

    hi Sally, how are you it is Easter Monday here ( well sort of I am having one of my Fibro nights.
    I am going away on Thursday for about a week we call up north where our eldest Daughter lives with her hubby and three children, Alan is going to do their garden for them, has they have a new home and he is good at that sort of thing so I will after Wednesday be in a warmer place and take time out to sit and read and play cards with the grandies. the only thing is I get really tired itis a 6 hour drive from here ( but it is worth it).
    How are you doing anyway???????
    the sun has been shining here however there is a chill in the air Winter is coming for us so I am going to get a meter of polo fleese to make a blanket to keep me warm.
    it will wrap around my legs- might get brave and make a ponchio too!
    there is not to much talk about Fibro in NZ it is rather new and ( its not really but we are a bit behind over here) real thick heads and try and cope with out help ....
    is there anything you want to know ??????

    about me or NZ??????
  15. fmfriend

    fmfriend Member

    We had the best Easter ever yesterday. First I had my very own ssunrise service.Me and the Lord and I watched the sun crest and break through and I prayed and God gave me a break through.I have been so sick for so long and gone with prayers unanswered that my faith way really lacking. Smaller than a mustard seed but He took that little bit and grew it.
    I Went to my husband and apologized for complaining so much and kind of being prickly to him and not a soft place to fall because Ive been in so much pain and frustrated with not being able to do things.He forgave me and we prayed togather.
    Then I asked my kids for forgiveness for being "prickly"
    with them too.And asked them for more cooperation.
    We all came togather and prayed to rededicate our selves to the Lord individually and as a family.
    Then we went to church for the first time in a while, 4-5 months at least. It was the best service ever and all in all th e best day I have had in a LOng LONG time!!! Awesome huh!! My heart is full!!

    Its Easter Monday here too now.I had a bad Fibro night slept half The night after such a busy day. I was in alot of pain so Im so tiered today.

    Im glad youll be able to go see your daughter. Your Alen soounds alot like my husband.He alway helps everyone.

    I would love to know more about NZ.Where exactly do you live ? Im going to look it up on line and learn more about NZ.I didnt know it was going to be winter there. Stay waarm.Yes I like your idea about the fleece. We have made fleece poncho's and blankets. We made a pouch type blanket that you can get into.You fold the fleece 3/4 of the way up then make slits on the side for tying knots all the way up on both sides and thats it.Climb in and keek warm while you sitting in a chair or on a trip in the car.

    well I have to Go ... We will have to go to the chat message board so next time lets leave a message over there okay?
    Ill talk to you soon. Its nice to have made a new freind!
    Do you say words like Chuffed in NZ or is that England?
    I think chuffed is very happy? Rihgt?

    Blesssings~ Sally
  16. greatbarrier

    greatbarrier New Member

    Hi Sally great news keep strong : pray then take ya hands off so God can come do the work.. some times healing comes in adifferent light not always the way we want ours is not to reason WHY !!! oh boy! hard A!.
    we say cool or good on ya mate! well some do I say what ever comes into me mind and let it wonder more fun that way. yip winter is calling again but thats cool lot's a cuddles lol..
    we ;ive in a place called New Plymouth Taranakai... North Island.... see if you cna find it, it is just lovely. I am going to try the chat room again and see if I can work it if not I get my Alan to help me to morrow..
    blessings to you and your family and good on you for dealing to your wrongs : we you feel down go into the Loo scream and flush it away, or learn to say I fell like this today plz help me. Will put you on me prayer list lv and blessings Lynne *( ME)
  17. akwildflower

    akwildflower New Member

    Hello friends!

    Or as we say in the South (USA) "Howzyermommnem" translated as How is your mother and them? We tend to run everything together. Did you eat is "Jeet"

    We had a wonderful Easter. I really enjoyed playing with my 5 month old niece who is absolutely beautiful!

    It was sad, though, to see my Daddy so sick. He has Stage 3 lung cancer and has had 37 radiation treatments and 8 chemo treatments. It is terrible to see him suffer like this.

    Pray for me as I go to the rheumatologist today. I am tired of playing with this illness. It is time to pull out all the weapons and get aggressive with it.

    Peace, blessings, and love to you all!
  18. akwildflower

    akwildflower New Member

    Hello friends!

    Or as we say in the South (USA) "Howzyermommnem" translated as How is your mother and them? We tend to run everything together. Did you eat is "Jeet"

    We had a wonderful Easter. I really enjoyed playing with my 5 month old niece who is absolutely beautiful!

    It was sad, though, to see my Daddy so sick. He has Stage 3 lung cancer and has had 37 radiation treatments and 8 chemo treatments. It is terrible to see him suffer like this.

    Pray for me as I go to the rheumatologist today. I am tired of playing with this illness. It is time to pull out all the weapons and get aggressive with it.

    Peace, blessings, and love to you all!
  19. greatbarrier

    greatbarrier New Member

    akwildflower, hello love the language, I am so sorry about your Dad that must be hard on him and you and your family.
    was he a smoker??? to see some one you love go through pain is hard and I feel for you blessings to you.
    where do you live? i come from New Zealand and we have lot's of differen't languges ( basic we are a lazy race and cut the real English out to short cuts.. ( that is us commen people hahahah slang has come in and it is hard to understand ya kids cause they talk in slang and us oldies don't get itlol.....
    I hav eto go out so I will catcha later nice to hear from you sending love and prayers to you and your Dad blessings Lynne
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    I just wanted to say hi and tell you my son and his wife and my granddaughter live in Whangaparaoa New Zealand. We visited Auckland and Stanmore Bay area when we visited them a few years ago. What a BEAUTIFUL country indeed! We only saw the North Island during your summer ( Christmas time )My son works for a computer co. and daughter in law works for the city she lives in. They are hoping to become citizens. They do not understand my FM and keep asking why we do not come for a visit. The last time we went it took 24 hours to get from our home in South Florida to Auckland! My FM was not that bad I can hardly sit for more than a few hours at a time. Thank God they came to see us Christmas 2005...but its too long to be away from a grandchild!

    I have sent him articles about FM but I am not sure what he thinks...I do not think he really gets the last he saw me, I was doing pretty good at hiding it. I never complain or want to ruin everyones fun...

    Now I am so bad, I can not hide it. Stay in bed a lot...I am on a sick leave from work for 6 weeks. I do not know what I will do next.

    Any way, I really just wanted to welcome you.

    Talk to you again soon,