Need some prayers for Mom.........

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Milo83, Sep 7, 2004.

  1. Milo83

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    Please pray that my Mother, Loretta, may go with the Lord and be free of all suffering and pain........
    Mom has been in a NH for 3.5yrs.......She took a turn for the worse back in June where they didn't think she would live the week out - but she is still here.....

    She is confined to bed, or geri chair, can't see, doesn't understand too much anymore - very much confusion, is eating very little, but still drinking.....

    Right before I left today her vitals were as follows......

    Blood Pressure: 85/52
    Pulse Ox: (with oxygen being used) 89
    Respirations: 10

    She is very weak, don't even know if she really knows who I am anymore...I just want her pain and suffering to end and go be with the Dear Lord and my Dad.........

    God Bless each and everyone of you......
    Thank You.........Love, Donna
  2. pepper

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    I am praying for your mother, Loretta, that the Lord will soon release her from her pain and suffering.

    Her vitals indicate that the end could be near so she will be free to join the Lord and your Dad, free of all the pain and suffering.

    God bless and let us know about your mom.
  3. grge

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    I ask in the name of Jesus who is all knowing and merciful that He will take your mother home. I ask that He will comfort you in this time of need. Lord God you have your reasons for this and we do not doubt you, perhaps you are prolonging this life because she still needs to touch some one, I can't begin to know why it seems such suffering is a good thing.

    I pray God that even while she lingers here that you oh merciful God have eased her pain and that you are ever drawing closer to this servant of yours.

    Be with Donna for she is in such pain as she waits and watches hold her close to you, I ask this in the name of Jesus.
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  4. greatgran

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    As I read your prayer request it sounded just like the one I would
    request for my Mom..My Mom's condition sounds exactly like yours.
    She too has been in the NH for 3.5
    years..I was with her tonight and
    fed her ice..My heart aches for
    you as I know so how you feel..

    I am praying for your Mother Loretta
    and for you that God will give you
    the strength and courage you need.
    I pray that his will be with your
    Mother.My prayers will continue
    for you..

    Love and prayer,
  5. Sandyz

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    I will be praying that your mom can go home to heaven very soon. That she can leave that tired, worn out body and sit by our heavenly Father`s side in paradise.

    I feel your pain, we just went through something similiar with my MIL about 6 monthes ago. It is so heartbreaking watching them suffer.

    Praying for you also, that God will comfort you through this difficult time.

  6. kimkane

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    your mother, loretta, and you sweetie are in my prayers.

    please take care of yourself, (((((donna)))))

    love you, kim

    p.s. dixies so right you are a wonderful person. xo
  7. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    You are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Would like to have an up date on how you are doing?

    God Bless,