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    I have had CFIDS for a least 2 yrs.When my G.P. doctor diagnosed me after a yr. of tests, he told me he didn't want to treat me. I have been without a doctor for about 8 mo., except for a phsychiatrist who falls asleep when he talks to me and forgets to refill my medicine.
    I try to ignore that I have this, though denial is usually dispicable to me, becuase I don't know how to cope. I have no treatment,no doctor, no advise, and unfortunately I moved here from far away right when I got sick so I have not made friends.Believe it or not, I have been able to stay pretty positive through it all. Today, though, I am really scared for the first time, I just have felt too sick for about 2 mo. straight and every day it gets worse. I have gotten to the point where taking my dog out is too much.
    So, what I 'd like most of all if anyone can help me, is first to have someone who understands to talk to, and secondly if anyone is from Southern Cal. LA area and has Medical or Medicare - if they know of any docotrs or clinics that accept it. So far the ones Ive located don't and I cannot work so I cant afford them. Also, if there is anyone who has any knowledge of this being related to being allergic to something (Ive been told I may have gotten this because of something enviromantally or in my new apartment I am allergic to. Hope to hear from some. thanks, clis - female/44/
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    to your local ER. Explain to the physician just what you have told us here. Every hospital has social workers on staff that can help you find the medical care you need.

    Good luck to you.
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    I am a benefits counselor, and while I normally charge for my services, I'm happy to answer questions you may have by email without charge. You can reach me directly at

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    I live in CT, so not close enough, very sorry.
    But whatever you do, if you can afford it, make sure you take some basic vitamins and minerals daily: C, E, B-complex and a multivitamin-and-minerals with *everything* in. This doesn't cure anybody, but may help to keep you from getting worse until you get proper medical care.
    new wall-to-wall carpets and new, treated, wood furniture can be bad, also any kind of mold on the walls, or in air-conditioners. (and lots of other things) If you suspect your apartment is toxic, make sure you air it often, and sleep in the room/area that is least suspicious for toxins. (Plants can help absorb some toxins, but I don't know much about this.) A test whether your place is toxic is to live for a couple of weeks somewhere else - if you start feeling better during that time, your apartment may well contribute to your illness.
    There are also good websites, e.g. Teitlebaum and Cheney (use search engines) to get more information about CFIDS, and some ideas about what you can do yourself.
    I hope someone on the board from the LA area can help you with doctors.
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    exact, but I know nothing about Medicare or Medical, well, less than you do . . .

    the closest support groups are like in Pacific Palisades, but look up the local Los Angeles Arthritis Foundation website, hit the services and programs link, and then scroll down, you will see several local programs: a support group, a land exercise program, and a heated aqua exercise class. I am gonna take the land exercise program because they have one in Hollywood. The support group is on the Westside, and some times I just don't have the energy. Maybe it is closer to you?

    Look, I have only been on this board for a couple of months, but already I feel like a true advocate for myself. I have received such genuine kindness and compassion, that my mindset is completely changing about myself and my future!! If you want to talk you can email me.

    You deserve great treatment and should settle for nothing less! I pay out of my pocket to have Kaiser and I have forced this HMO to diagnose and treat me, and I am still a pain in their asses! They WILL treat me and you deserve treatment that is going to work for you!

    Best wishes to you and all,