Need specialist for Lymes disease

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    I live in the Waterbury,Ct area and have just been diagnosed with 2nd stage Lymes disease. I don't know much about it and I think my doctor doesn't either. Does anyone know a specialist in this area? I'd appreciate any info. Thanks in advance.
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    I was sad to see that noone has yet repied to your message. i live in AZ, but maybe I can help with a bit of guidance. I'll do my best. Call on several rheaumatologists, someone in that field should know someone who specializes in LD. Also, type in Lyme Disease at Google, there is a laboratory specifically founded and focused on LD's in Montana. Good luck!

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    The east coast is full of great doctors for Lyme disease.

    I have done extensive research on Lyme, but as I'm no longer living on the east coast, I can't help you directly, because we're not allowed to post doctor's names or url postings on this board.

    In fact, it was through that I realized I had all the later stages of Lyme disease, and I furthered my research, and concluded that I have it. Sadly, I know now that I do.

    I CAN tell you, I was diagnosed for the Bb virus by a Bio-Energetics Practioner by a Body Scan.

    These methods are not clinical diagnostic tools in the United States yet, as I understand it, but it reads the body on a cellular level, with no blood work.

    In my opinion, it is far less invasive then going through extensive bloodwork tests that have such a high potential of a false negative or positive.

    I am choosing to get my Lyme, Fibro, and Chronic Fatigue treated with alternative medicine for the most part, since I'm am so highly reactionary to antibiotics, which is the general first round of treatment for Lyme Disease in the western medicine circles.

    If you do some word searches on your computer, maybe you can find what you are looking for. I'd try Bio-Energetics Practioner. It might not say specifically about Lyme, but the body scan has helped save my life.

    Lyme, like every other auto-immune disorder is treatable. It is really up to the individual to how you want and can afford to be treated.
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    I went searching on the web to assist you in your quest for a Dr. who is knowledgable with Lymes Disease in Connecticut. You are in luck as the headquarters for Lymes Disease Stuff is in Connecticut. I'm pasting the information from the web site below---
    Lyme Disease Foundation, Inc.
    1 Financial Plaza, 18th Floor,
    Hartford, CT 06103.
    (800) 525-2000
    I'd give them a call and ask them to refer you to a Lymes Specialist.
    There is also a newsletter on line about Lymes; I don't know if it is free or whatever. It is on the same web page with the Lyme Disease Foundation information above---
    The Lyme Disease Electronic Mail Network publishes the "LymeNet Newsletter" once every 10-15 days. The Newsletter contains timely news about the Lyme disease epidemic. Medical abstracts, treatment protocols, prevention information, and political happenings are all included. In addition, subscribers may ask questions to the patients, doctors and researchers on the net.
    To subscribe, send a memo to Internet address:
    In the first line of the message, write:
    subscribe LymeNet-L

    To retrieve the archives, write:
    get LymeNet-L/Newsletters 1-N
    Where N is between 01 and 12
    (I am clueless what all this means, but I'm sure someone can help you with it who is much more knowledgable about computers than I am.) Hope this helps---

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    I recently went to the latest Lyme hearing at the legislative building in hartford. Many spoke about lyme disease. One stood out in my mind because he is a neurologist who just happened to get interested in lyme. His name is Dr. Amiram Katz in Southport, Conn. He does not take insurance. He is affiliated with Yale and is most knowledgable about lyme disease. Hope this helps
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    These are from the Lyme Disease Network

    On the left hand menu, go to the "Flash". This is a bulletin board. When this opens, you can go onto "Finding a doctor". There are thousands of people belonging to the Lyme Disease Network and they will be able to help you.

    The best of luck.

    ~Chronic Lyme Disease Self-Help Group of Southeastern Connecticut (Pawcatuck)

    ~The Greater Danbury Lyme Disease Support Group (Redding)

    ~The Greater Hartford Lyme Disease Support and Action Group

    ~Lyme Disease Awareness & Self-Help Group

    ~Tick Related Illnesses Self Help Alliance [TRISHA]

    ~Wilton Lyme Disease Support Group

    ~Wilton Lyme Disease Support Group for Teens