Need SSD help, my interview is scheduled...

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  1. iconracr

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    HELP with SSD please.

    I got the Ok to apply for SSD even though it has been over 5 years since I last worked.

    I found that my last employer did not report my income at all. That gave me less than the 20 work credits required to apply for SSD. Lucky for me I found the W2's and took them to the SS office. I do not qualify for SSI so it was very important to get SSD.

    I need suggestions....

    What should I say and do in the appointment? I don't "look" sick. But who with FMS does? I heard that could go against me.

    I have ordered my medical records, do I give them copies at that time?

    And I understand I should write a statement about my daily life. Any suggestions?

    ANY help please....
  2. beeleaf

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    You just answer the questions they ask at the interview, and fill out the forms. I didn't have to get my own medical records. I believe I signed something to let them request them.

    Seems like most folks here are physically going to the interview. Are they not doing phone interviews anymore?
  3. klutzo

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    My lawyer told me to do whatever it took to make myself look sick. I wore both of my wrist braces and both of my knee braces, even thought I didn't need them that day. I pulled my hair back in a bun at my neck. I wore no make-up and put white powder on my skin and in my hair to make it look dull. I borrowed a purple blouse from someone since I look awful in that color. My husband took one look at me and said : "If you looked like that all the timne we wouldn't be married", so I knew I had done a good job.
    I also got my Rheumatologist to write a letter explaining all the things I cannot do and she attached a copy of the "American College of Rheumatology Criteria for the Diagnosis of Fibromyalgia" to the back of the letter. I had a letter from a second Rheumatologist saying he agreed with the opinion of the first one. I had a record of my voluntary visit to Vocational Rehabilitaion, where I begged them to help me and they said there was no way they could get work for someone as undependable as me. I had the results of my sleep study ,showing no deep sleep at all and alpha-wave intrusion into my other sleep. It concluded I had the sleep pattern of a 95 yr. old (I was 35 at the time). If you can't afford a sleep study, a thermography will help verify that you have real pain, and is a lot cheaper.
    You may not need this much, but I did because I was one of the first people ever to get SSD for Fibro in this country. 1986 was the first year anyone won their case, and only 17 of us won our cases that year in the whole USA. My lawyer told me it would be very hard to win because I was so young, and so well educated and the judge would not have heard of Fibro (he hadn't). I was told by my lawyer that my excellent work record helped me get it also, since I had never worked less than 50 hrs per week for 18 yrs before the fibro. This let the Admin. Law Judge know I was not lazy. They really didn't "get" fibro back then, and you should not have this much trouble now (I hope).
  4. iconracr

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    That really does help.

    I don't wear makeup because I now have dry eye's. I don't look great my DH told me. But I don't think I look bad either.

    Thanks for the info. I will also make another appointment with my first Rheumotolgist and my Phyc. DR.

    Thanks for taking the take to help me.

  5. iconracr

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    I was told my chances were better if I went in person. Then I could have someone to help me and to work with. A phone number to call if need be.
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  6. shazz

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    Also, I didn't take my pain meds that day so I am sure I looked as bad as I felt.
    I did have to ask to stand up and move around a couple of times during the interview, and I know they saw me shifting around in my chair. Then I started bawling, not on purpose, I just did.
    The main thing is to let them see how you REALLY feel, most of the time. I was afraid that the night before would be the one night I would get some really quality sleep and I would look great, but that didn't happen.
    I am still waiting to hear from them, and not holding my breath about it. What a pain this is.
  7. Ipegasus

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    Hi there,

    I think the not taking pain pills is a good idea. Normal people don't take pain pills to get thru the day. A lot depends on medical records and mental health. I would not dress like I am going on a job interview, it is important to be your "real" self instead of the person you would like people to believe you are. This interview will probably end up with a negative reaction so don't worry if you get a bad review from thier doctors. Insist on getting your own Psyche doctors, and physcians to back your claim up. I had a lawyer, there was no way I could handle all the paperwork back then and it helped with the terrible anxiety I suffered from, (because of childhood court appearances) so the my lawyer prepared the judge and the judge was just wonderful. The most important thing is the hearing. A friend of mine did get SSD w/o a lawyer but it depends on how well you are in getting all of your medical records.
    Another thing I was told, go to the doctor when you are sick. Usually, I would sweat it out, I learned to go to the doctor everytime I had a flare-up. That created a medical record of how often I was affected from this illness. I know it is hard to get to the doctors when you feel so weak. I swear, sometimes, I don't know how I got there but the nice thing is, I was given shots that helped me get thru the really painful times.
    Make sure you bring all of your medication. I had someone drive there, (my dad), because it is stressful and I reccommend it.
    It helps to get as much as your medical records as you can too. I had problems in childhood and that helped show that I had a pattern of illness my whole life. They are looking for severe changes in your lifestyle. It may help to contact your Congressperson too. Mine works on SS, I don't know if she helped but I bet she did! Fibromyalgia is now on the list of ailments for SS so we have come a long way,(wasn't when I tried to get it).
    The mental is really important. I don't how it is now, it has been about five years now, but they really wanted to see that your mental capacity is diminished because of the pressure of coping with this illness. Meaning, if it doesn't affect your life enough to make you crazy it must not be that bad. I am sure you have suffered mentally because of the stress from losing control over your body functions. Chronic pain rules your life. Make sure you have professionals to document this fact.

    Good luck and don't give up. I kept getting denials, and giving up, until finally I faced the fact, I was not going to get better, they send out a lot of form letters to discourage us from getting the benefits we need.

  8. beeleaf

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    Why would your chances be any better or worse by going there in person? The person you're seeing is only doing the interview, not making the decision. I've also heard that not going in person improves your chances, because it shows you're not well enough to go down there. I'm not sure either is true, though.

    FWIW, I opted for the phone interview & was approved, although for a different condition. You still get the rep's phone number to call for questions, etc. You just don't have to go through whatever it takes to get there.

    My first answer was way brief (morning), and I wasn't clear about the forms. When I applied, the form was like writing a book, with ample space to describe your daily life, etc.
    I believe that if you have them, you send your medical records with said form. It's all laid out nice and simple, so don't worry about what to do when, or not doing it right.

    Good luck!


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  9. jmaxjmax

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    When I went for SSDI I had records not just for the physical problems from my GP and other specialists, but also psychiatric records for depression as well. I think that combination of records went a long way in winning my SSDI. So if you have such records make sure you bring that along too.
    :) Max
  10. iconracr

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    You have been so much help. I am really anxious about all of this.
  11. kerrymygirl

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    You do not live far from me. Do you have an attorney?
    When I went to hearing I went like I look in am. That is pretty scary. I went into clinic I was helping at in clearwater they did not even recognize me. I had to pick up some final paperwork. Otherwise I would never let anyone see me like that.

    Hope you get the judge I had. He was so compassionate and granted me disabled right there. Did not have to wait for the letter which is usually 30 to 60 days after hearing.

    I live on Tampa Bay, just short of Largo.

    If you need to talk I will let you have my e-mail through moniter then give you my phone no.