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Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by kathyrere, Sep 5, 2004.

  1. kathyrere

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    to break the hold on my daughter. She just worries me so much. She was so strong in her faith and something happen to really destroy it.

    I pray so much she finds her way back before something terrible happens.

    There is so much counting on it. She has the most wonderful miracle (zachy) I am trying to take care of him and her until she sees the "light"

    Please pray for her and our family.
    in prayer
  2. kathyrere

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    Dixie, I rely on that promise with all my being. My daughter was brought up in a wonderful church and had a strong faith so I know she will come back it is just hard to see her so lost. It breaks my heart.

    it is so hard when you decide to do things on your own w/o/God. I try so hard to be strong and God has been Good to be and given me the strength to take care of Zachy everyday in spite of the pain and CF.

    Dixie Zachy is needing me his stats have been a little low today so i have been busy.

    Thanks for the prayers and i am also remembering you and yours in prayer.
    in christ
  3. kathyrere

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    You know that is what really confuses me. She has such a miracle( a very obvious one) and it scares me that she is so lost after all this with Zachy. I can still see that she knows the right way in her heart.

    Dixie, isn't so hard waiting for them to come back? I still some times try to force it knowing I can't. we just have seen so much we want to save our children from it.

    I will pray for you and yours too and I pray for strenght fot both of us.

    thanks everyone.
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    I'll say a prayer for Christa right now. Jo Ellen