need suggestions on cremes/lotions that work on pain...

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  1. sweetbeatlvr

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    i have been trying different pain cremes lately to see what helps the most.

    my pain med is prescribed every 6-8 hours, and quite honestly, i may get 3 hours relief, tops. so i try using cremes to help when the pain med wears off.

    the first one i tried was Aspercreme. it definately helped some, but wears off quickly and only takes it away a little bit.

    i asked the woman at the pharmacy another one to try, and she suggested Theragesic Plus. it burms like crazy for about a minute, then it helps very well for the major muscle tension pain. but it also makes me smell like a walking wintergreen candy.=)

    i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on other pain relieving creams?

    particularly prescription strength, as i would have to pay less for those, and they may possibly work better.

    and if possible i would like to know of any that don't have a lingering smell. my husband says it doesn't bother him, but i'm sure it's not the nicest.

    thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  2. maryl

    maryl New Member

    I have used ketoprofen cream for years. It is a little like aspercreme in that it is made from an NSAID. But it is prescription strength. I have found
    it very helpful for muscle pain. If I'm having a really really bad bout, then
    sometimes it doesn't help the way I'd like, but most of the time it is reliable. It is expensive unless you have insurance tho. Hope this helps.
    Oh, and the fragrance is minimal. :)
  3. Bluebottle

    Bluebottle New Member

    A good quality arnica gel, applied thickly & allowed to sink in, can help. QVC do a nice one here in the UK,I don't know about in the US.
  4. debbieleiss

    debbieleiss New Member

    I have a lady sending me a sample of some gel that she says works wonders for her Fibro pain. I work with a lot of Direct Sales companies, and was thinking about signing with this company. I will let you know how it works.
  5. campbeck97

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    tHIS STUFF REALLY WORKS WELL AND QUICKLY, IT HAS THE nATIONAL fIBROMYALGIA ASSOCIATION APPROVAL STAMP ON THE BOX.I get almost instant relief for many painful areas such as neck shoulders and back pain, so does my husband. He has a lot of back pain and I rub a little on and he says pains gone in 1-2 min. he doesnt ever want to be witout is very strong camphor smell but wears off fairly quickly or you can wash it off after 20 min without it deminishing the relief.says it will relief pain upi to 8 hrs.I find about half of that for me.but i just reapply.a little bit goes a long way.ingredients are camphor3.1%, aloe vera oil, eucalyptus oil, lemon oil, orange oil, peppermint oil and rosemary oil. It is made by swiss medica, but it costs 25.00 for a spray bottleat their site and i buy the same off ebay for $5.00. they also have the moistened towelettes on ebay to carry in your pocket or purse. Its great stuff.It doesnt seem to help with my arthritis but does Fibro and myofascial pain.I have tried bio freeze, arnica gel,aspercream, lidocain,super blue stuff, and a couple others and this is by far the best. ProHealth used to carry it but they quit for some reason.Give it a try I think you will like it if you can be patient about the strong mentol type odor.I also use precrition lidocain patches but they are very expensive and I think the 024 Fibromyalgia works better for me. best wishes to you. God Bless
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