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    Hey everyone! I hope you are all doing relatively well! I was wondering if anyone knows of ANYTHING (natural or prescription) that can help with energy? I tried looking through old posts, because I'm sure that there have been some on this topic, but didn't see any (I might not have looked good enough). Anyways, I can't stand being completely wiped out pretty much all of the time and don't know what to do about it?!? I had even taken Adipex (for weight loss) primarily for the benefit of the energy that it gives, but even it didn't work! I also give myself B-12 injections weekly (my B-12 was extremely low-now tests in the mid/normal range) and don't get any "extra" energy from this, either! Does anyone know of anything at all that I can try? I have 4 year old twins, and with the combination of pain and fatigue I can hardly function to take care of them! My husband is also a quadraplegic, and I do the majority of his care, as well as trying to keep up the house, work, etc....I don't know how much longer I can take it if I don't figure something out! My rheumatologist isn't of much help, but is the only one in the area. I went for my second visit with her yesterday, and she actually cut my pain meds in half (which I had been on the higher dosage for well over a year-prescribing Nero just retired) because she said "you don't need that much", so that is a whole other issue! I'll save that one for another day ;-) ! Anyways, ady advice on ENERGY would be so greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!!!
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    I'm sorry you're suffering so. And with 4 year old twins alone anyone would be wiped out, not to mention you, with this dd. and on top of that havin to care for your dh. I can only imagine you fatigue, you poor dear.

    I know some people have tried things like rittalin or aderall and such. Otherwise, here is a link I found when searching fatigue meds on the board. Try typing in different things in search like fatigue meds, fatigue medicines, fatiuge help, ect.

    And please my dear, do take care of yourself. You do so much for others. You need to rejuvinate yourself somehow to be able to carry on the way you do. Maybe massage or pedicure, or bubble bath, whatever it may be. You are a very strong person dealing with all of this, do think yourself sometimes.

    Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
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    That's a tough one with FM . I have MCTD plus FM and what has worked for me is
    a vegetable fast. Lots of home made veggie soups. Some fruit like banana,try to stay away from to much citrus .no Acidic foods.No sugars,refined flours.
    Have you had your thyroid checked? Low thyroid = low energy too. Get in lots of sunshine (if you can). Take a short nap during the early afternoon (if possible).
    But with 4 yr.old twins and being your husbands care giver that one may be impossible. Do you have anyone that could help out soem during the day? MAybe a state provided day worker to help with you hubbies needs some? That is if he's on medicare already. But you've probably are ready know all that .

    Your rhuemy sounds horrible . Can your ins. switch you to a better one?

    Hope that this helps some .
    Take care,

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    Hi Julie,
    I have FM and CFS. The only thing that keeps me moving at all, are Vivarins. They are caffeine pills (200mg) each.

    You can buy them at grocery stores, Walmart, drug stores, etc.

    Also, I now get the generic ones. They are about 2.00 for 16. Vivarins are rather pricey, about 7-8 dollars for 40.

    I don't drink coffee, so for me, it's the only way to have any energy at all.

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    I have had more success with FRS Healthy Energy drink than anything I have tried over the 30 years I have had fibro. I've been using it for four months now and I really feel it helps.

  6. Atlanta8

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    D-Ribose is supposed to be very good, but ive not tried it myself. I've just started using Muscleze which has given me a significant improvement. You could also try oxygenated water or a similar product in supplemnet form, eg oxygen elements max.
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    Have you cleaned up your diet? One way to get some energy back is to reduce the load on digestion. It's probably compromised and you have to eliminate foods that are making its job harder, like wheat and dairy products, for example. And have you considered that you may need betaine hcl or digestive enzymes?

    The answer to your question is basically:

    magnesium malate
    B vitamins
    calcium pyruvate

    Here is an article about energy, it was one of the first articles that really helped me, it explains how energy is made:

    Read these threads of mine, they get more complicated from top to bottom. You can search for these titles in the search function. They will explain even more supplements for energy and why they work:

    what I'm taking for mitochondria support

    Mitochondria's role in PEM (crash) and how you can reduce it

    scientific articles on how to restore mitochondrial function

    good luck


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