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    i went to my osteo doc. yesterday , i had been to see 3 others and was not happy with their attitudes. i went there to get cortison shots in my knee so the pain might stop. all the other docs said i needed a knee replacment and to come back in 15- 25 years and they would do a knee replacment. one doc said cortson shots wouldhelp with the pain. the doc i seen yesterday was my old osteo. doc. and was gone for a while so i went to see him for the shots. well i did not get them. he looked at my x-rays and mri's. he has a portable x-ray/utra sound devices in his office. welllets just say the day before thanksgiving i am going in for major knee surjury. he nedds to fix 2 torn legiments in my right knee; remove my miniscus; remove bone chips fron my knee; my knee is bone on bone and full of art. so he is removing some of them; he the is removing i can not think of th name of the desse i ca not spell it is like ossgood slatteress dessesso he must remove the bone groth 3in long
    1&1/2in wide and 1in in depth. i am not having a thanksgiving and i bet my fibro will act up the day of surgry too. i am scared, why did these other doc's do these tests. i am scared of the surgury so darn scard it is making me sick. then i get angry at the other doc's why why did they not try and do something.then there will be no thanks giving for my family or me. i am depressed over this and the fact that it took so long. along with my fibro being in full swing for the last 5 weeks. i need your help and prayers in all of this your support is needed too.
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    I can't answer your questions...but here's a big hug coming atcha.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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    I know it can be very frustrating to go to numerous doctors trying to find answers that make sense.

    Please don't worry about Thanksgiving. Your family would want you to take care of yourself. you will have enough to do without attempting Thanksgiving on top of everything else.

    My hubby will be out of town on Thanksgiving with his work. Thanksgiving is a concept of giving thanks for all that we have. It doesn't have to be a particular day. I will have my Thansgiving meal after he returns.

    Do you have any family living close that could invite your family over for Thanksgiving?

    I also have bone on bone with the knee, but I don't have the rest of the medical stuff that you have going on in that knee.

    That is alot of stuff for one knee! Did you injure it in an accident?

    I want you to focus on YOURSELF to get physically and mentally strong for the surgery. Soft hugs.
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    I am sorry you have to go through that.

    If it is any consolation to you, I go near thanksgiving for a consult regarding some growths in my GI system.

    Then the test comes near Christmas.

    My heart is with you. Isn't if awful we have to deal with this*&^%.


  5. findmind

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    I'm so sorry, you poor thing. It sounds like some aliens got into your knee and threw a wild party! Geez, as if FM ain't bad enough, right?

    Look, start right now taking the best care of yourself; long epsom salt soaks, your best meds regularly, and knock yourself out at night, LoL...

    You'll be fine, and so thankful for taking care of the problem. My daughter is so glad she went ahead and had her's done. It wasn't as extensive as yours, but surgery is least they can get in there and clean it all out.

    They'll probably need you to come in for those special shots afterwards? They are wonderful, dau says.

    Relax now, ok? Tell your family you are thankful for them and their help and support thru this holiday, and maybe you'll feel up to planning a really special Christmas, huh?

    Will be sending healing thoughts your way!

  6. FMKS

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    Sorry to hear of your knee problems; many of us have gone to docs who don't listen, or just don't care. I had one doctor get upset when I took a book on FM to an appointment - he said "I hate it when patients bring in a 2" thick book on something"; and I said, "well, since you apparently don't care to learn about my condition on your own, I thought I'd bring the information to you." Needless to say - I never went back. Maybe you can look at this in a positive light - once your knee is repaired, you should feel so much better. Big hugs, prayers, and give thanks that you found a doctor that took you seriously and cared enough to really examine you thoroughly.
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    I'm sorry your other docs were such jerks. But think of the bright side. You are going to get rid of all that JUNK in your knee. And it is a perfectly good excuse not to have to cook! Actually, if you live near a good size supermarket, they usually sell the turkey and all the fixins in either the freezer or deli section for your family. Unless they have somewhere else to be invited. Don't fret about yourself. You'll do ok and they serve Thanksgiving dinner at the hospital, if you really want all that. You'll be so glad to have a better knee again. My prayers are with you on the day of your surgery. My daughter lives in Portland, is that anywhere near you? Was it very difficult to get disability for fm? I keep wondering if I should go that route? Hugs and prayers, cb
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    ~*Gentle Hugs*~, I hope that the surgery goes well & that it fixes the problems with your knee.
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    Mainerose imsorry you have to do this on the holiday. but you have to do this. and dont worry about the surgery, im the same way waiting for that, nervous and all but at least now you know, you are going with your #1 doc and you are in good hands now. the other docs well sometimes, they just dont get it. and i have learned trust yourself and if you have to look for another, do so, just like you did. and you found the right answer, you knew something wasnt right and you werent going to sit back and let someone else tell you what is going on inside. even though they are docs yu still are the main one who knows your body best, you did right and now you know who you can trust. you will be fine and well like someone else said, thanksgiving is about giving thanx so at christmas give a special prayer that includes all the things you are thankful for. you and your family will be in my thoughts and will have you inmy prayers the day of surgery and on thanksgiving. and when you are healing and up to it we want to hear from you. god bless you B~Kay
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    I can understand your concerns.
    I am having a total knee replacement on the Monday after Thanksgiving.

    I guess we can recuperate at the same time.
    I am stressed out trying to get things done around the house and getting all the equipment I will need when I return from hosp.

    Are you having yours outpatient, or are you going to
    be in the hosp. for a few days?

    I had a total shoulder replacement in 1999,so I know a little about what to expect.

    I am sorry you are going to miss Thanksgiving. I am
    afraid I will still be on a walker at Christmas.

    I have to get my Christmas shopping done next week.
    Maybe I can get the gifts wrapped before Christmas.

    Any way I wish you the best, and hope you have a wonderful
    recovery and Happy Holidays.

    ((((gentle hugs)))) Ruth a.k.a. (((cathugs)))

  11. rachel432

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    i just wanted to say good luck with your upcoming knee surgery. i know it's bad timeing with the holiday and all. but the bright side is that after the initial post-op pain your going to feel so much better. when i work ortho floor, i'm a nurse, i often have patients tell me that the pain after surgery is less then the pain that they were walking around with befor the surgery.

    best wishes for a speedy recovery!
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    first off it is called osgood schlatter's disease. it is common usually w/males. from fast growth when you are going through growing spurts. painful...when you have it as a kid. then dies down. my son has it. his dad had it as well.

    delete your email in your bio. it is a no no on the board rules.
    you are allowed to have it in the chat room.

    they will remove you from the board for this.