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  1. My heart is breaking my family called me a liar and that my illness is fake and a way to get money from the governement. I am disabled I begged my family not to call screaming at me because I am sick and the stress makes me sick. Not only does it make me sick I can't communicate what I feel or think. I get things mixed up and don't want to say the wrong things.

    This didn't start over my illness it started over my Dad moving to Florida. Somehow I got blamed for talking him into it. I am losing my dad also.

    Since I am disabled are there any laws protecting me from the emotional abuse? Since this has happened I am scared that someone is going to hurt me. I know some of it is because I get paranoid easily since this illness.

    The emails I got I didn't respond to but my hubby did. I didn't even fully read them. I have blocked there emails so they can't get to me.

    How can people just be so mean? These people are Catholic, u would think that they would have some kind of love in their heart.

    The things my hubby said back were very hurtful but our character was attacked first. My brother n law said I was dead to him . He yells when I try to help my dad and yells if I dont.
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    Hi Ruthie

    Sounds like you are going thru alot. Iam so sorry your family is being awful to you.

    Do you live in Florida? Why is the family so mad about your dads choice? Is it because they maybe lost control over him and think you are going to get something thier not?

    Yes you can take out a restraining order. Sounds like you are on the right track tho by blocking them. You do not need toxic people in your life. There seems to be more going on then meets the eye here.

    being catholic or any other religion does not mean a person is a nice person or caring.

    You have a loving hubby(kids?) and I would have a talk with dad and keep the relationship only with him.

    wish you the best keep us posted and try not to let negative people get you down.

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    Sorry that your family is treating you so badly willruthie, but join the club here - most of us have family or friends that treat us badly, though maybe not as bad as you.

    I haven't started on disability yet, I am 41, though I can see it coming. I'm already earning 50% less than I did before I got sick. I am on food stamps, heat and electric assistance.

    It is already humiliating enough for us to have to give up everything, EVERYTHING, because we are sick...why do our family and friends want to make us feel even worse about it - especially when they have known you when you weren't sick!!

    BTW - I had a friend who just couldn't understand what I was talking about, not until she got VERY, VERY ILL and had widespread muscle pain for a few days. She then called and apologized to me because all she could think about while she was ill was that I had to go through it every day, 24/7.[This Message was Edited on 03/27/2009]
  4. No I don't live In Florida my oldest sister does.My dad is 84 and sometimes he confuses us kids.Alot of this is out of control because, for some reason me and my oldest brother are the only ones that realize my dad is saying different things to different people. He is old and scared and when someone confronts him he will blame things on the person not there.

    I am now afraid of someone sending me mean letters or someone showing up at my house to confront me. I don't want to read mean things.I am just not in the position to mentally defend myself.

    Sorry to all that have to put up with abuse especially when you are in chronic pain. It is hard enough to even want to get out of bed.

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