Need support. I'm feeling worse than I have in a while.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sheried, Sep 8, 2005.

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    Most of you know what I have been going thru with my husband. Well, I was starting to feel so much better with him gone. I have been off meds for some time and am switching from Effexor to Welbutrin and hope to go off that before too long.

    Tuesday we had the child support hearing. He showed up and I smelled alcohol, even though he was gulping down Hall's cough drops and claiming to have a cold. Like I didn't know why he always kept gum, mints, Hall's in the vehicles.

    Anyway, he threatened me in the courthouse in front of people. The bailiff was told about his comments and when he was confronted he said a few choice words and left before we were called. The judge ruled in my favor with the information that I had.

    He called tonight and started in again. I hung up on him. Now I'm scared. If he would pull what he did in the courthouse I don't know what he might get desparate enough to do. Thank God we have a protective order against him.

    He thinks I have turned our 12 y/o son against him. He doesn't understand that our son wants nothing to do with him because of what he has put him through in his short little life. He is much more of a 12 y/o going on 25.

    On top of all of this I am still dealing with pneumonia. Son at home today with pinkeye. Yeah, I'm just hunky dory here in la-la-land.

    Thanks for being here. I just needed to vent.

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    you and your son are going through such a tough time, my prayers are with you. I hope your ex is not violent, would he hurt you? If you think he will you and your son should be somewhere he doesn't know about, so you will be safe. do you have a women's crisis center in your town that could help you?
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    i glad that you are ddoing better. it is so very hard to go thru. my son was about 11-12 years old in 7th grad when his dad pulled the same stuff.

    and i went to child support 2 times, he called me up and he was hysterical, said he would kill me before he paid a dime to me, well that lasted fora bot 3 years. he has a drinking problem aswell.

    well we are divorced i do have some regrets in life and still wroking thru them. the ex- and i talk and i am getting my child support now.

    well somehow it does get better. and your son knows more than we all think. my son does know alot aswell. he went to alateen for a bit and couseling. my son knows what has gone on w/o me saying a word. i did say some things such as if he didn't feel safe or if dad is drinking rum or beers call me.

    but anyways ihope you can keep your fms at bay. i know hard that is i'm still working on that too.

    think of you

  5. sheried

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    Here it is at 4:30 in the morning and try as I might I cannot sleep.

    My husband can have no contact with me or my son due to the protective order. He is violating it by calling.

    He left here and went to his mama in Texas. He is now 4-1/2 hours away. But, you just never know.

    He is the typical drunk. He blames all of what he is feeling on everyone else. Nothing could be his fault. Of course, the reason he drank and stayed passed out most of the time was my FM and Parkinson's. He has blamed our counselor and family doctor as well.

    I have good neighbors here who watch what goes on. They know all of the deputys in this area, so I feel pretty safe. I am upset that all of this has sent me into a flare when I was doing so much better. But, I do know, this too shall pass.

  6. sheried

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    Divorce is often messy. He told me one day when I was really sick that he was leaving me and I said to him:
    'I will take you for every dime you have'.
    And I did. Almost.
    Hang in there, so many of us have gone through it and please take care of your pneumonia. You do not want to land in the hospital. And it sounds like your son is understanding. Good child.
  8. smiffy79

    smiffy79 New Member

    so sorry you are not well, it all comes at once huh.

    its not so bad he showed him self up in court,all he did was make other people see him for wjat he is.

    will you be able to get support payments from him?

    take care sherie and look for the silver lining.

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